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Clothing & Gifts for your Derby lifestyle ....


...perfect for all the festivities of  Kentucky Derby.........

Keeneland....Preakness....Belmont......Saratoga.....Santa Anita........

Hunt Parties in Bucks County, Virginia and Fairfield County...........Polo Matches.......Horse Shows...Derby Parties...

.....etc. etc. !


Derby time




Classic and Fashion Forward.....Dressy and Casual....Formalwear for Gala parties......we have everything you need.

Whether you are in Millionaire 's Row---or just wish you were.

We also have a great collection of gifts for the "dyed in the wool" Horse lover !

We look forward to hearing from you !


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Derby, Horse Racing Fan & Equestrian

Neckties & Bow Ties

So fun.....you will want a few of these !


            Derby Chic                             

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Dann Summer Suits


Classic Dann Summer Suits


Poplin & Seersucker Suits


Corbin Year-Round Suit Separates


H. Freeman Year-Round Suit Separates


Dann Contemporary Black Basics


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Classic Dann Year-Round Suits


Dann Studio Year-Round Clothing


Dann "Great Basics" Studio


Linen Corner

Trousers, Walkshorts, Sportcoats, Suits

----100% Linen


Dann Classic Summer Suits




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Blazers & Sportcoats 

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Corbin Blazers and Sportcoats



Dann Camel Hair Coats


Dann Classic Blazers


Dann Studio Blazers

Dann Seasonal Sportcoats


Dann Contemporary Black Basics


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And Featuring...

Dann Private Stock

Seasonal Sportcoats

Regulars, Shorts & Longs !





Dann Contemporary Black Basics



Colorful Blazers

Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long, Portly




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Poplin & Seersucker Suits
Extensive Sizing ! Regular, Short, Long, Extra Longs




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Corbin Fall/Winter Trouser Collection

Corbin Spring/Summer Trouser Collection

Berle Trouser Collection

Berle Fall & Winter Patterned Trousers

Dann "Great Basics" Tropical Collection from Berle

Ballin Classic Trousers

Ballin Elan Trousers

Wool Gabardine Dress Trousers

Wool Tropical Dress Trousers

Wool Tropical Blended Dress Trousers

Blended Traveller Trousers

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Berle Microfiber

Berle Khakis

Berle Poplins

Berle Corduroy

Corbin Twills and Poplins

Corbin Summer Fancies Trousers

Charleston Khakis

Charleston Khakis Corduroy

Berle Flannel Lined Khakis

Bar Harbor Linens

 Berle Summer Seersuckers

Microfiber Trousers

Poly Cotton Trousers


Bills Trousers

Original Twills

POplin Trousers

Chamois Cloth

Vintage Khaki Twills

Tropical Khaki Twills




Embroidered Trousers

& Walk Shorts


Washed, Stoned & Beaten Khakis

17 Colors !





Berle Summer Seersucker

Trousers & Walkshorts


 Dann Private Stock

All Cotton Khakis


Reg, Short, Long, Extra Long

Berle Colorful Tropical Microfiber Trousers

& Walkshorts


Berle Microfiber Trousers & Walkshorts

And featuring..........

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Dann Formal Wear

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Western Ranchwear Clothing


The Sweater & Knits Collection

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Peru Unlimited

Baby Alpaca Sweaters


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100% Silk Equipment Shirts


    Bill's Khakis Collection

Iconic Bill's Polo Knit Shirts

Hemming is complimentary !



Viyella Sweaters



Peru Unlimited

Knit Shirts


Peru Unlimited

Pima Stripe Knit Shirt Collection

40 Color Combinations !


Santa Ana 5 Sock Pack

Fun Men's Sock Assortments


Wrinkle Free Sport Shirts

from Dann

ovspring1 ovsp7 ovsp32


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Jackets & Collections


Dann Studio Leather Jackets


barncoat.jpg (54520 bytes)

Dann Private Stock Leather Jackets

Dann Private Stock Leather Blazers


Survivalon Jackets



Shearling Leather Top Coats


Dann Private Stock Shearling


Natural Collection

Leather Jackets and Vests



Our Shirt  & Tie Collections

Robert Talbott

Robert Talbott Best of Class Neckwear


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Derby, Horse Racing Fan & Equestrian

Neckties & Bow Ties


Trumble Rhodes Neckwear

Liberty of London Prints





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Dann Custom Shirt Shop


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Regimental Stripes Neckwear

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Complete Gitman Shirt Collection

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Complete F.A. MacCluer Collection










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Silk Woven Dot Neckties

Solid Silk Woven Neckties






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Gitman Sport Shirt Collection


Murray Hill Bag Collection

Luggage & Briefs


Fun ! D- Ring Belts


Colorful Italian Cotton Belts

Colors to match your Silks !


Stallion Shoe Horns

Gentleman's & Rogue's Hat Collection


Tartan Wool Loafers

Genuine Hornback Alligator

Custom Silk Braces

Colors to match your Silks !






Authentic Kilim !


Vintage Stamps Cuff Links 

Tiger Mountain Tartan Boxers

Byford Sweater Collection

Cotton/Cashmere Blend

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Hbc multistripe point blanket

Hudson's Bay Point Blankets

Nanx-03369 Fox on Black Needlepoint Loafers for Men

Needlepoint Shoes for Men

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Leather Double Eyeglass & Sunglass Case


Woven Leather Braces

Trafalgar Leather Braces


Horse Racing Belt
Patterned Leather Tab Belts

billsck6  1plaid  ustripe10

Bill's Shirts

Spring Plaid Shirts

White Sporting Twill Shirts

Chambray & Denim Shirts

Signature Gingham Check Shirts

Signature University Stripe Shirts

Signature Solid Shirts




Original Madras Trading Co.

Madras Shirts and Shorts


Alan Payne Shoe Collection


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Silk Knots Cufflink Collection


JM Casual.jpg (57968 bytes) suede saddle

Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear

marco3  marco4

Handsewn Shoes

motiftagss  horsemottag   motiftags11

Personalized Motif Metal Luggage Tags
DOZENS of Motif Choices !  Four Color Choices for the tags.


Drivers and Casual Shoes



Silk Woven Dot

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall


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Timeless Classic Knit Shirts Collection

from Dann Clothing

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Denim !

Almost anything can mix with some crisp good looking denim pieces

.....Suede Shirts...Croc Shoes...Blazers and Cashmere Sweaters.....

Here are a couple critical pieces that get our seal of approval...


Bills Khakis

5 Pocket Jeans

5 Pocket Weathered Canvas



fa_maccluer_denim_thumb.jpg (14720 bytes)

Our Favorite Dress Up Denim Shirt


McKenzie Tribe Jeans.jpg (274332 bytes)

McKenzie Tribe Jeans

Last Call !

Bills Denim Shirts


Engraved Crystal Liquor Bottle

with Decanter Pump



Byford Patterned Sock Assortment

greyasst blkasst  khakiasst blauasst 



The Perfect Compliment to Dann Derby Collection......

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Engraved Mens Jewelry

with Your Monogram !



Doorstop Pillows
Handcrafted !

smallcroc.jpg (2648 bytes)

The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing



Fun Toywatch Watches

Order the colors of your Racing Silks


j-20811.jpg (7624 bytes)

Walking Stick Collection from Dann



Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts

And they're off !.jpg (41545 bytes)

Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces

trafalgarXLbraces.jpg (28538 bytes)

Trafalgar Braces

TX32.jpg (19769 bytes)

Trafalgar Casual Belts

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Personalized Gifts from Dann


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Shoe & Closet Accessories



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection

from Dann


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Dann Studio Gifts

Dann Studio Italian Footwear

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L.B. Evans Slippers

LB_evans.gif (1276 bytes)


Lucky Horseshoe Cuff Links

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Elegant Country Baskets from Dann

sar8 sar9

Conversational Braces


Storage Box w/4 Shot Glasses, Tally Ho, Fox Mask - Click Image to Close
Handpainted Vintage looking Books with Hidden Shot Glasses
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Personalized Luggagefrom Dann

Snooty Fox Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !

Race Horse ----Seabiscuit---Barware

Cheer the Fox Barware

"Tally Ho"

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !

Horse Hunt Bar Glasses
Croco Leather Flasks

Fine Walnut Veneer Mixology Case



Horse Lamps


 Horseshoe money clip.jpg (21209 bytes)

Horse Shoe Money Clip & Novelty Jewelry


gc255.jpg (34547 bytes)        

Personalized & Engraved Men's Gifts

bi-cooler.jpg (25332 bytes)

Argyle Collection


Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees

Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Seabiscuit & Horse Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets

Needlepoint Pillows




Personalized Slate Horse House Signs



Cutting Boards

& available with Horseshoe Design



Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection

Handcrafted Walking Sticks

Horse Silk D-Ring Belts


funnycide_owners.jpg (35975 bytes)

Colorful Tuxedo Stud Sets

Match your Derby Silks.....



Personalized Copper Mailboxes

mare & colt (1).jpg (486586 bytes)

Handmade & Personalized Stoneware Crocks

Circa 1940's Vintage Watch Style CT102T

Vintage Watch Collection


American ALLIGATOR & Lizard Luggage Tags

Custom ! Made up just for you

Your COLORS of your Farm or Silks





Personalized Horse Mailboxes

cs flask 11

Leather Covered Stainless Steel Flasks

5 Pocket Bill's Jeans

Made in the USA

buffet bottles.jpg (43231 bytes)

Cocktail Bottles & Dispenser Pumps

Tartan Umbrellas



Personalized Cutting Boards

Great for Derby Parties !


Personalized Walnut Cutting Boards


619.jpg (7528 bytes)  extall exotc

Personalized Barware from Dann

Classic Saddle Shoes


English Surcingle Belts


Horse Sandstone Collection Coasters


Horse Race Cuff Links


Fine Copper Weathervanes


Tartan Plaid Blanket Collection


Scrimshaw Paperweights



Horse Wool Hooked Pillows 

Personalized Engraved Crystal Vases
to hold the roses !

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Farm or Horse name !


Tartan Covered Flasks

Herringbone 100% Wool Blankets




Needlepoint Slip-On Shoes for Women


TW1049 Horse Head on Black Needlepoint Mule


Italian Penny Loafers
Crocodile, Lizard, Calfskin, Suede.....Drivers......Formalwear !
z6.jpg (45994 bytes)


https://harvycanes.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/small_image/270x325/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/9/_/9_0222_01_c.jpg foldingseatcane29

Shooting Style

Donegal Folding Seat Cane







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Dann Big & Tall

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Thanks for stopping by !

Dennis & Joan Dann


Mint Juleps

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    The mint julep is a traditional drink of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. It was introduced at this event nearly a century ago. There is over 80,000 mint juleps served on the 2 day period of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby. It is most likely that you will also find this drink at any derby party that you attend. There are many recipes for this drink all being very similar. One traditional recipe is: 

Make syrup by boiling sugar and water together for 5 minutes. Cool and place in a covered container with six or eight sprigs of fresh mint, and refrigerate overnight. Make one julep at a time by filling the cup up with crushed ice, adding one tablespoon mint syrup and 2 ounces of Kentucky bourbon. Stir rapidly. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.





Image result for kentucky bourbon punch


The Dann's

Easy Kentucky Bourbon Punch


Into punch bowl ------


8 cups iced tea

1 can 6 0z froz lemonade

2 cups Kentucky Bourbon

 Top with a Frozen Ice Ring.

To make frozen ice ring ---

Into round jello ring--

Lemon slices

Fresh mint leaves


Freeze till solid !!! Add to punch bowl


(Like an "Arnold Palmer"----but with Bourbon)












Your Custom Logo Blazer



Corbin Spring Seasonal Sportcoats


Alumni Luxury Sportcoats

& Twill trousers

Spring & Summer