Gitman Tuxedo Shirts

The perfect shirt for your Formal Event !

Always a good idea to have at least two in your closet!

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  from                                                             Dann Formal Wear

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5 Pleat Point Collar Tuxedo Shirt

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5 Pleat Wing Collar Tuxedo Shirt

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10 Pleat Point Collar Tuxedo Shirt



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Wing Collar, Pique Bib Tuxedo Shirt


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 Straight Collar Tuxedo Shirt

New !

Tailored Trim Fit






Big & Tall Tuxedo Shirts

Custom Silk Dinner & Smoking Jackets

Patterns, Solids, 100% Silk, 100% Cotton Velvet



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Tuxedo Stud Sets

Dress Shirt Collar Stays

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Tiger Mountain Knit Underwear

Knit Undershirts back in stock after a long absence !

Yale University Enamel Cufflinks
Cuff Links Shop

Circa 1950's Vintage Watch Style CT105R

Vintage Reproduction Watch Collection

Gitman Bros Shirts

Complete Collection

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Dann Formal Wear

Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets


Sterling Silver & Semi Precious Stones

Cuff Links Collection

Special Order

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Gitman Customized Shirts

Affordable way to obtain just the shirt you need---your choice of fabric, collar style, color, size. Regular, Big/Tall, French Cuff, White Collar---even with your Monogram ! So many choices to get the shirt you are seeking. See my published article



Baker Benji Shoes



Corbin Tuxedos

& Corbin Dinner Jackets

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Corbin Stock Clothing - 01  Corbin Stock Clothing - 02  Corbin Stock Clothing - 03



Collegiate Cufflinks

Your University Cufflinks

(Have a little fun.......wear with Black Onyx Stud Sets with your Tuxedo !)




Library Books with Cocktail Sets

Complete Collection !

What a fun gift !



Elegant Walking Sticks

Perfect for Weddings or Formal Events




Genuine Stone  Tuxedo Stud Set and Cufflinks Collection II


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