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from Dann Mens Clothing

Corbin Blazers

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Timeless style..........from this long-standing quality Menswear Clothing company.

A fine Navy Blazer is literally the WORKHORSE of your wardrobe ! Start with a timeless one and it will carry you far.

Still making a fabulous Blazer after all of these years !

We look forward to sending you one of these for this season !


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and may we suggest........

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The perfect compliment...Engraved Blazer Buttons....

Personalized Gifts from Dann


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Classic Two Button



Corbin Elite Super 120's Blazer Serge Collection

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Over many years we have had so many nice notes from happy customers with this Blazer. Here is a recent note !

"My Corbin blazer has arrived. It is literally perfect! The fabric, color, cut, fit, body length, ... even the sleeve length ... are all just as I wanted them. Even the buttons are good-looking; although I will probably order some personalized ones from you later.

Thank you for this beautiful piece of clothing and for all of your very friendly, helpful, personal service. Y'all have a new "loyal customer" (and "one-man advertising agency")!!"




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Navy Blazer

Super 120's Imported Wool

2 Button Darted Center Vent

Price:  $355.00

Coat Size: 

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Made up just for you in your size, style choice !

4-6 week wait....there is an upcharge over stocked garments.

Happy to give you the details !

The following special linings are available.....

Create Your Custom Corbin Blazer !

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100% Wool


Custom Blazer

Not seeing your Size ?

Email us and we will calculate the CUSTOM price for your size in choice of Jacket Styles or Colors

Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long

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Drop us a line!



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Classic Two Button

Summer Sportcoat Blazer----shipped year-round

Great for Southern Snowbirds......or for Caribbean Cruisers !



100% Bamboo


Summer Sportcoat Blazer

100% Bamboo

2 SELF-Button, Single Breasted,

Side Vent !

Price:  $595.00
Coat Size: 

Very Limited !


Regulars, Shorts and Longs !

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Corbin Luxury Collection Sport Coats


Luxury Cashmere

Fall Delivery Only



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Navy Cashmere

100% Imported Cashmere

2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent

Price:  $725.00

Coat Size: 

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Black Cashmere

100% Imported Cashmere

2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent

Price:   $725.00

Coat Size: 

Vicuna Cashmere

100% Imported Cashmere

2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent

Price:   $725.00
Coat Size: 

Very Limited !
  Camel Hair  

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Camel Hair

100% Imported Camel Hair

2 Button, Single Breasted, Center Vent

Price:  $425.00

Coat Size: 

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Cool Weather Seasonal Suits


Corbin Collection

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from Dann Clothing

See the complete collection !


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Corbin Fall/Winter Trouser Collection


Corbin Seasonal Sportcoats

Cool Weather

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FA MacCluer Shirts


Corbin Fall & Winter Fancies Trousers 



Corbin Stock Clothing - Sport Coats

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Corbin 5 Pocket Jeans



Corbin Seasonal Sportcoats

Warm Weather

Spring & Summer 2012

crests 14
Blazer Crests
from England !

Special Order


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Corbin Custom Blazers

Not seeing your size or the style you want ? It can be obtained via Corbin Custom. Please email us !



The Perfect Compliment to your Casual Trousers!

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 Great Explorations! Luggage


Dann Studio

 Business Briefs & Bag Collection

Our Finest Quality !

14 Karat Gold Blazer Buttons

Will Bags

All Leather Messenger Bags


Dress Shirts


London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons

SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set

Personalized !

Men's Memo Note Set

Memo Gift Set

1000 Sheets !



Silk Woven Dot

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall


Corbin Custom Blazers

Fun Unusual Colorful Linings

 Made up just for you !



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Gingham Check Shirt Collection


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Sportswear Collection


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Button Down Dress Shirt Collection

To properly care for your Dann Clothing...

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Trafalgar Belts and Braces

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Robert Talbott Neckwear

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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets

Sailing and Boating Neckties




Vintage Classics Collection

Bob Goodman & Co

Victorious crew.

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Dann Private Stock

 Fine Leather Belts


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Drop us a line!

Dann Men's Clothing






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Three Button--Rolls above the top button...updated model