Personalized Luggage Tags

from Dann

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Nothing ruins a trip faster than lost luggage !

We think we have a terrific variety of terrific Engraved & Personalized luggage tags to choose from.

Great for gifts....and we can ship these directly where you need them to go.

Perfect for frequent travelers ---or new Homeowners-----or new marriage !

Don't miss our incredible new American ALLIGATOR & Lizard Luggage Tags !

We look forward to hearing from you !

Dennis & Joan


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PS---Also use luggage tags for cameras and camera bags; backpacks, laptop, iPad, gym and golf bags, pet carriers,

 brief cases, picnic baskets, totes, coolers--- even purses

.....anything you wouldn't want to loose !

Please note !! EVERY Bag---including carryon luggage-- needs a tag ! (I left a valuable bag on a plane one time without a luggage tag---never to be seen again. I have not made that same mistake twice.) As long as you are ordering----good idea to take advantage of our Best Value packs.

Our Bright Colored Big Bag Tags or Leather Tags make your luggage stand out from the pack.

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Don't miss our BEST VALUE ! packs !


Please note ! In some cases ....engraving has been blackened to enhance photography in samples shown. Actual engraving will not be black in color.

Engraving is the process of indenting the metal.


Made up to order.....then shipped. We cannot guarantee a definate delivery date. Order with plenty of time to spare.






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Brass Luggage Tags








Luggage Tags






Large Colorful Aluminum Luggage Tags

Personalized just for you !


Large Acrylic Luggage Tags


Easy to spot---6" Large Tags !


Up to 30 Characters allowed for the Address ! Good choice for LONG addresses !


Large Name Luggage Tags


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Solid Pewter

 4 lines possible !


The Trip Clip

Embroidered and Personalized Tags

New ! Allow 4 +weeks for delivery  !



Personalized & Embroidered Tags

Allow 4 +weeks for delivery  !


Personalized Embroidered Luggage Tags

Neon Colors !

Embroidered with YOUR Name !



Personalized Motif Metal Luggage Tags
DOZENS of Motif Choices !  Four Color Choices for the tags.


Embroidered and Personalized Tags

Deluxe Embroidery with a Company Name or a SAYING....

New ! Allow couple weeks for delivery  !



Travel Accessories

Sterling Silver

Personalized Money Clips and Key Rings



Personalized Pocket Watch.jpg (40986 bytes)

Personalized Pocket Watches





Personalized Traveller Wallet Collection

Personalized with your Three Initials


American ALLIGATOR & Lizard Luggage Tags

High Quality Natural skins

Custom ! Made up just for you




Luggage & Briefs from Dann


Murray Hill Bag Collection

Luggage & Briefs



Trafalgar Travel & Business Bags














Wax Cotton Luggage & Totes







Personalized Travel Covers


Personalized with YOUR name !



Personalized Business Cases

For Women


 Luggage & Bag Collection

Personalized !


Adventure Hats

Authentic Breathable, Packable, Crushable !

The perfect Travel Hat





<b>NASH</b> - L9236 - Wheeled Duffel <b>BROCK</b> - F9234 - Field Bag <b>CLAYTON</b> - F9231 - Briefcase  <b>DAWSON</b> - F9232 - Messenger



 <b>FLYNN</b> - L9235 - Medium Duffel <b>GARRETT</b> - F9233 - Backpack


Personalized Leather Journals

with your three initials embossed !



Sailor Bags

Personalized Sailcloth Bags & Totes



Wrinkle Free Sport Shirts

from Dann


Perfect for Travel !

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Drop us a line!

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Personalized Gifts from Dann


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The Essentials for Gentlemen from Dann

Socks & Boxers

Gitman Bros Dress & Tuxedo Shirts

Gitman Bros Sport Shirts



Grand Memo Wardrobe




Personalized & Engraved Cufflinks

Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold


600 Sheet Memo Set

Elegant Set of 600 pieces of Engraved Memos with your first name, monogram and full name


Engraved Blazer Buttons


with your Monogram ! or Greek Fraternity Letters

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Engraved Crystal Liquor Bottle

with Decanter Pump




Hopkins Fish (Red)

Colorful Custom Tote Bags !

Fun Patterns



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Personalized Barware from Dann