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from Dann Mens Clothing

Spring/Summer Fancies Trousers ! timeless style..........from this long-standing company.

The only choice in trousers for many ! Long known for a great fit. Wonderful summer cocktails parties....out to lunch...

top with a Blazer or sweater.....these will dress-up or dress-down..for casual business dress............depending on what you put with them. I would like to send some to you !



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100% Imported Worsted Wool

Style:  Double Reverse Pleat


Pant Size: 



Super 100's Wool

Style:  Double Reverse Pleat


Pant Size: 



Super 100's Wool

Style:  Double Reverse Pleat


Pant Size: 

Corbin Seasonal Sportcoats


Corbin Collection

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from Dann Clothing

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The Perfect Compliment to your Casual Trousers!

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Now available at Great Explorations! Luggage


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Gingham Check Shirt Collection


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Sportswear Collection


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Button Down Dress Shirt Collection

To properly care for your Dann Clothing...

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Trafalgar Belts and Braces



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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear


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Dann Spring & Summer Sweater Shop

& Knits !

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Elegant Country Baskets from Dann


Island Cotton Socks



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