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An extensive selection of Alligator and Crocodile Furnishings for Men !

Exotic skin belts, shoes, wallets, watch straps, bags, braces are a statement of enduring style. Even Alligator Golf Bags and Alligator Custom Cowboy Boots !

We are proud of the craftsmanship and the timeless appeal of Alligator and Crocodile from these fine resources...........and particularly love the way they look with Dann Clothing ! See my published article at the bottom of this page.

We offer an extensive collection of this very limited and special product. Please allow plenty of shipping time ! We need to go catch the little rascal !  

Dennis Dann

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US Shipments Only !

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Don't miss our newest MUST HAVES....



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Dress Belts


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Two buckle set ! One Silver...One Gold

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Classic Alligator
1 1/8" W
with both Gold and Silver  buckles that snap off so you can change them!
Price:  $375.00

Two buckle set ! One Silver...One Gold

Genuine Lizard
1 3/16" W
with Brass & Silver Buckles
Price:  $130.00

Complete Trafalgar Collection

Imported Crocodile Sides
1 1/4" W
Price:  $365.00
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Complete Trafalgar Collection

1" Genuine Alligator Strap

from Trafalgar

Price:  $330.00



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Complete Trafalgar Collection

Genuine Alligator Inlay 1 3/16 inch Buckle : Available in 2 Colors

Genuine American Alligator
1 3/16" Strap from Trafalgar

Price:  $375.00



Genuine American Alligator
from Trafalgar

Genuine American Louisiana Alligator wallets with full leather linings. High glaze finish. We believe them to be the finest Alligator wallets made.

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Black                         Chestnut

Wonderful Fun New Colors !
Complete Trafalgar Wallet Collection

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Our best selling !

Alligator Double Billfold Wallet: Available in 9 Colors

Double Billfold Wallet

Wonderful Fun New Colors !
Price:  $495.00

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  • Genuine wild Louisiana alligator; vegetable-tanned and heat-glazed
  • Edge-stitched; fully-lined genuine leather interior
  • 10 interior card slots (5 on each side) and divided center billfold compartment
  • Made in USA
  • 4 ½ “ long x 4" high

Hipster Wallet

Price:  $535.00




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Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors

Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors

Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors 

Slim Card Case
4" x 2 3/4"
Wonderful Fun New Colors !
Price:  $295.00

Crocodile Shoes and Belts


Caiman Crocodile
Slip-On TASSLE----Long Vamp
Price: $2350.00





Price:  $898.50




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Crocodile Penny Loafer
shorter vamp style
Price:  $898.50


Caiman Crocodile
Lace UP
Price: $1150.00


Caiman Crocodile
Slip-On Penny ----Long Vamp
Price: $2350.00
Crocodile Belts to Coordinate !  
Crocodile Belt
1 3/16"W
to coordinate !
Price: $340.00
Alligator Bags




For more Alligator Bags...


Alligator Shopping Tote
A great large bag for Men & Women !
5 Colors
Black, Brown, Rust, Yellow, Pink, Blue
Price: $5995.00

Torino American Alligator Collection

Torino Alligator Belt
Snap Off Buckle
Double Keeper
Price:  $525.00

Torino American Alligator Belt
Snap Off Buckle
Price:  $455.00
30 MM

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Torino Classic Alligator Belt


American Alligator
Business Card Flat ID  Case.
Slim ID size with slots on each size. Does not open
Price:  $235.00

American Alligator
 Flat Fold Classic Wallet
Price:  $450.00


American Alligator
Business Card FOLDED Case
Opens up to have cards on both sides. Slim Business Card size.
Price:  $265.00


and for true alligator enthusiasts who just can't get enough...........

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Alligators Cuff Links

18 Kt Gold

Price:  $75.00


Torino Dog Collars

Exotic Leathers

Custom---Made to Order !


American Alligator Dog Collars

& other Exotics !

Handcrafted !


Crocodile Walking Stick
Price:  $85.00



Size: 3 1/4" x 6 3/4"

The case is finely stitched all around with a hidden snap closure. High-quality suede leather lines the interior of the case and glasses will rest on a rigid leather insert on the bottom interior.

Genuine Alligator Eyeglass Case
Special Order !
Seven Colors----Black, Brown, Cognac, Navy, Red, Burgundy, Forest Green
Genuine Lizard Eyeglass Case
Special Order !
Eleven Colors----Black, Brown, Cognac, Navy, Red, Burgundy, Forest Green, Purple, Orange, Lime, Turquoise

Dann Men's Clothing

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Alligator Messenger Bags

Our Finest Quality !

14 Karat Gold Blazer Buttons


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Robert Talbott

Monogrammed Belt Buckles and Alligator Belt Straps

Our Finest !


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Crocodile and Ostrich Wallets


golfyardageImage result for Jordan Spieth Yardage Book
Golf Yardage Book Covers
Lizard or Alligator

Golf Yardage Book Covers......Used by the Pros !


Genuine Alligator Golf Bags

Custom ! For Men & Women



Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection


Zelli Ostrich Shoes




Nile Crocodile Leather Business Portfolio



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Dann Studio Gifts

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Elegant Country Baskets from Dann


Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann

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Robert Talbott Neckwear

Dann Shearling & Leather Outerwear Shop

Leather Shoe Bag

Personalized !


Torino Exotic Wallets

African Elephant, Ostrich,

Ringmark Lizard, American Alligator

American Alligator Desk Sets

Custom !


Croco Sandals


Shoe Horn Collection

Custom Silk Robes

American Alligator Picture Frames

Custom ! Made up just for you !

Exotic Leather Photo Frames

Custom ! Made up just for you !


Custom Alligator Flask

Custom Alligator Legal Pad



Peru Unlimited

Baby Alpaca Sweaters

F1005 - Leather Briefcase Flap Over - Adventure

Adventure Bags

Custom Alligator Travel Valet


A new find...


After Shave, Hair & Scalp, After Bath, Cologne

for Rogues and Gentlemen

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Dann Shoe Shop


Alligator Wallets.jpg (64043 bytes)   Alligator Slim Card Case Wallet: Available in 9 Colors  TR Alligator Wallets.jpg (76054 bytes)

Trafalgar Alligator Wallets

Fun Colors !

Alligator Double Billfold Wallet: Available in 9 Colors

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Sleepwear Collection

from Dann


14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

Our Finest !

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Dann Private Stock

 Fine Leather Belts





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 Alligator Cufflinks!


High Quality Genuine Alligator !



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Drop us a line!

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Alligator Shoes and Belts as Men's Fashion Accessories 

By: Dennis Dann
Dann Men's Clothing

Exotic skin belts and shoes are a statement of enduring style and timeless design.

Anytime anything is limited or difficult to obtain, everyone wants it. Anything Alligator or Crocodile fits into this category.

Alligators have been around for 20 million years, since the Reptile age. In 1967, however, they were recognized as endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Through careful controls, American Alligators are now off this list and are said to be fully recovered. The controls and watches continue, however.

To add to the drama, is the spunky nature of these little rascals. All those teeth......ready to eat about anything............growing up to 14 feet and weighing as much as 1000 pounds. I have not personally met anyone who catches them but I would imagine that the stereotype of "Crocodile Dundee" is not too far off. James Bond and Indiana Jones movies always seem to showcase dealing with them.

What I do know a thing or two about, as a longtime retailer, are the wonderful Shoes, Wallets, Belts, Braces, Belt straps and nice desk accessories that are made from the highly prized skins. I know how difficult they are to get..........the long waits we have had over the years for the items........and the truly limited nature of the items.

What does Alligator Skin go with ? Chestnut Alligator looks fantastic with a Charcoal Grey Chalkstripe Suit...........and equally as nice with a pair of khaki pants. Black Alligator has a decidedly more contemporary look...........and works well with a more Euro Non-Vented Suit or with soft Microfiber trousers. Dressy or Casual........Classic or Contemporary.........it is hard to find something that it doesn't look good with. We carry Black, Chestnut and Dark Brown on our website and are shipping them around the world. We have Alligator Tumblers for Happy Hour, a Cell Phone Holder in Alligator and a Alligator Fly Swatter, which we will personalize on a brass plate with three initials. Our latest feature------a Custom Pro Alligator Golf Bag for Men and for Women---"His and Hers".....offered in 5 Colors (including Pink and Purple) as well as a two-tone version.

The style is timeless......think Cary Grant, The Duke of Windsor..........and truly enduring. Alligator items are repaired, refurbished over time........and even passed down. Special, upscale customers understand all of this. This is not "for the minute" fashion.

If you have also seen the prices, you know this is something special.


Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 35 years. He currently ships
Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide, including an extensive selection of Alligator and Crocodile Shoes, Belts and Wallets,  through his website at
www.Dann-Online.com with Dann Men's Clothing, The Croc Shop from Dann, Dann Formal Shop, Cuff Link Ink, The Khakis Shop by Dann, Dann Happy Hour,  Dann Cashmere Shop, Elegant Country Baskets from Dann, Dann Studio Gifts, Dann Big & Tall, Personalized Papers from Dann, Great Explorations ! Luggage, Great Explorations ! Travel and
Personalized Gifts from Dann. He can be reached via his website at



We have a 30 day return policy for items that have not been altered, monogrammed, damaged, scratched,laundered or worn or are Custom/Special orders for merchandise credit to your original credit card or Dann-Online Credit.