Bills Khakis Chambray and Denim Shirts from Dann Clothing, Regular Fit Bills Khakis Chambray and DENIM Shirts from Dann Clothing, Regular Fit

Bills Khakis

Chambray & Denim Shirts

from Dann Clothing


 Chambray or Denim are the most versatile shirts. Mix with EVERYTHING.

Put on with a necktie and sweater vest....wear with walkshort and loafers...........couldn't ask for a more versatile item in your closet.

Offered in the Traditional Fit

INTL Shipments !



 Made in USA of Imported Fabric
100% Cotton

Cotton Chambray Shirt, Long-Sleeve


Complete Collection !


B-2 Belt

Bill's Best Selling Belt......the "B2"

Fine Line Twill Shirt, Long-Sleeve

Bill's Shirts


White Sporting Twill Shirts

Denim Indigo Dye Cotton DK <br />Cotton

The Denim Shop from Dann





Denim Shirts



MH Bertucci Watches



4 Ounce

Chambray Shirts


Color: Chambray Blue

Price:  $145.00







6 Ounce

Vintage Denim Shirts


Color: Indigo Blue

Price:  $145.00






Alan Payne Shoe Collection


The Dann Barber Shop Collection


Zelli Italian Shoes


Trafalgar Casual Belts


Scottish Golf Course Barware

Crests of the Famous Golf

Courses of Scotland !

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


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Bills Belts

  Milled Leather Belt  B-2 Belt

Bill's Blazer



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