Bills Khakis Poplin Pants from Dann Clothing, Free Hemming, Complete Bills Khakis Poplin Story--Pants & Walkshorts Bills Khakis Poplin Pants from Dann Clothing, Free Hemming, Complete Bills Khakis Poplin Story--Pants, Shirts, Walkshorts

Bills Khakis

POplin Trousers


from Dann Clothing



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The Ideal Warm Weather Trouser !


A must have in anyone's closet. We look forward to sending you some of these great Poplin pants.

The unique aspect of Bill's Poplin is that they are 100% Cotton ! The only one in the industry that is not a blend---that we can tell.

Don't miss the hard to find CORAL color !



 Made in USA of Imported Fabric
100% Combed Cotton Twill

6.5 oz
Machine Washable

Made in USA


Also available ---Bills Khakis Poplin Walkshorts





Complete Collection !



Colorful Italian Cotton Belts

Fashion Colors !


Contrast Top Heel Toe Socks

Fun !


MH Bertucci Watches







6.5 oz

Pant Size: 





*Nickle and Sand---any other colors usually have a wait and are more limited.


We are happy to finish the bottoms of your Bills Trousers for you but

---please note---

once tailored they are non-returnable.


Hem Options:

Inseam ---Bills suggests adding a 1/2 inch for shrinkage

if you are planning on washing the trousers yourself.


Sold Out



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Tiger Mountain Classic Boxer Shorts !


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Handmade Comb Collection

Imported from England

M.H. Bertucci Field Watches


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  Milled Leather Belt  B-2 Belt


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Bills Khakis Poplin Shirts

Poplin Shirt, Long-Sleeve