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Blended Traveller Dress Trousers

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Wool (45%) and  Polyester (55%) Dress Trousers from our Dann Private Stock.

Great for the rigors of Travel !

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High Quality that you can expect from Dann Clothing---at an affordable price.

 Incredible Range of sizes.........Regulars to size 66     Longs to size 60

Double Reverse Pleats or Flat Front










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Great Explorations! Luggage


Blended Traveller Trousers

Wool (45%) and  Polyester (55%)

Pant Size: 

Model: Double Reverse Pleats



Price:  $79.50


Poly Cotton Trousers

Wool (45%) and  Polyester (55%)

Pant Size: 
Model: Flat Front Trousers
Price:  $79.50



Trouser Racks from Dann

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