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Great Father's Day Gifts for the Upscale Well-Dressed Man......


Father, Grandfather, Step-Dad, Favorite Uncle, Teacher, Husband, Significant Other, Coach !



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Here are a few of our best gift suggestions......






The Golf Shop from Dann

Trafalgar Limited Edition Braces

The Complete Collection !


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Personalized Sleepwear Collection




Lighthouse Barware

Handmade & Handblown Loop Optic




Men's Washburn Shoe Tree

Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees




Personalized & Embroidered Tags




Custom Robes


Dann Studio Gifts


Custom Silk Dinner & Smoking Jackets




Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Our largest sets !

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address






Folding Wooden Picnic Table

Exotic Leather Photo Frames

Custom ! Made up just for you !


Your Home State Cocktail Glasses

Personalized Lake House Bar Cocktail Sets

Surf and Sand Tropical Motifs
PERSONALIZED Cocktail Glass Sets















Gift Certificates

The 10 Minute Gift Shopping Trip






Colorful Custom Sandals !

Ribbon Belts, Custom Totes & Flip Flops, Dog Collars & Leashes Handcrafted in Maine - The Belted Cow Company




Personalized Bar Glasses


Peru Unlimited

Pima Stripe Knit Shirt Collection

40 Color Combinations !

Nautical Beach Luggage Racks












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St. John



Viyella Spring Robe Collection

19" Coast Guard Approved Life Rings

Personalized Life Rings






Nautical Barware

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets

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Robert Talbott

Best of Class Neckwear


Alternate View

Alternate View

Richard E. Bishop

Bird Barware Collection

Since 1932

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !




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Bucks !

American Flag Needlepoint Loafers for Men

Needlepoint Shoes for Men


Our Best Selling Short !
Don't start Summer without it !



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann


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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing

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Dann Spring & Summer Sweater Shop

& Knits !

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    Bill's Khakis Collection  

Bill's 5 Pocket Jeans










Leather Travel Jewelry Box




Military Barware

Fine Crystal Barware, Wine Glasses, Decanters

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Personalized Traveller Wallet Collection

Personalized with your Three Initials


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Elegant Country Baskets

from Dann

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Monograms &
Personalized Gifts from Dann



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Dann Studio Gifts

Viyella Shop from Dann

Tartan Shirts, Robes, Sweaters

Viyella Headquarters !

Vintage Library Books with Barware

Personalized !


Stemless Wine Glasses

Wonderful selections of patterns.....






Gifts for Men ! from Dann




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Cedar Shoe and Closet Essentials



Trafalgar Wallets and Gifts








Patterned Leather Tab Belts


Big & Tall

Leather Tab Belts






Survivalon Jackets







Men's Gifts

New !

Tipsy Wine Glasses 


Alan Payne Shoe Collection


Cuff Link Collections


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Personalized Barware from Dann


Scottish Golf Barware


Tartan Plaid Blanket Collection




Luggage Racks with Style



Leather Watch Box



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Shoe & Closet Accessories

Shoe Care Accessories


Travel Accessories

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Dann Studio Italian Footwear




Gentleman's & Rogue's Hat Collection


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Dann Formal Wear Accessories


Fun Patterned Belts......Reg and Big/Tall

Fun ! D- Ring Belts





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LB Evans

Slippers & Leisure Shoes






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The Viyella Shop from Dann




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The Khakis Shop

from Dann


Men's Premier Valet

Personalized Cedar Clothing Valet

Aromatic Red Cedar  

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Timeless Classic Sportshirts

Patch Madras, Patch Gingham, Broadcloth Gingham, Madras



Lighthouse Barware




Personalized Garage Signs




Embroidered Swim Trunks

Circa 1950's Vintage Watch Style CT105R 

Vintage Watches from Dann Studio

The perfect choice for the Contemporary, Urban man !


Personalized Money Clip Watches




Original Twills

(the famous Bills Khaki Pants !)

Complete Collection !



Necktie Case

Personalized !






Engraved Luggage Tags




Handcrafted Umbrellas

Limited Edition

Whimsical !

Full size and Compact










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Personalized & Engraved Men's Gifts





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Royall Fragrances Collection




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Viyella Solid Shirts






Leather Journals


Scrimshaw Paperweights



Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton

Sweaters and Knit Shirts







Cutting Boards

Personalized Wooden Cutting Boards




Silk & Cotton Sweaters



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Dann Classic Summer Suits

& Sportcoats



Island Cotton Socks








Executive Shoe Care Kit 

Personalized Cedar Shoe Kit


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Authentic Regimental Stripes Neckwear

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall

New Patterns just added !









Personalized Leather Desk Wardrobes

Personalized with your Three Initials


SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set

Personalized !

Men's Memo Note Set

Memo Gift Set

1000 Sheets !





Barber Shop Collection

from Dann




Snooty Fox Barware




sterling silver

Sterling Silver

Made from .925 Sterling Silver 





The Timeless Classic !

English Surcingle Belts

Big and Tall

English Surcingle Big and Tall Belts








Authentic Coin Collection



Authentic Coin Collection





Bass Cocktail Glasses

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !



5 Pocket Bill's Jeans


Alligator Attache

The Ultimate Attache !




Barber Shop Collection

from Dann

Featuring KENT Brushes--The Worlds Finest Handmade in England





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Library Photo Albums

Personalized !

Golf, Sailing, Holiday, Collegiate, Family themes for the "books"

Oprah's Favorite Things !


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Sea Island Cotton Socks






Patterned Trafalgar Braces






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Cocktail Bottles & Dispenser Pumps



Personalized Tie Bars

Sterling Silver

Our best quality !

(Tie Bars are BACK !)


Classic Century Pens

Personalized !


Engraved Blazer Buttons

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Gifts for Men ! from Dann


Elegant Country Gardeners Gifts

from Dann



Love Knot Formalwear Sets


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Handmade Chocolate & Pretzels !

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Greek Letters Engraved

 Personalized Gifts

from Dann

Description: https://greece.mrdonn.org/greekalphabet.GIF

Blazer Buttons, Tuxedo Stud Sets, Money Clips, Sterling Silver


Personalized Key Rings



Personalized & Engraved Cufflinks

Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold




Custom BBQ Gifts

Personalized !

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Genuine Alligator Golf Bags

Custom ! For Men & Women


Men's Washburn Shoe Tree        Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Personalized Shoe Trees

Cedar !


Travel Carriers

for Fine Wines and Liquors





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Personalized Barware from Dann



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Leather Double Eyeglass & Sunglass Case





Colorful Italian Cotton Belts


Our Finest Quality !

14 Karat Gold Blazer Buttons



Handcrafted Letter Openers


Personalized Sailcloth Bags

Grooming Kits

House Signs




West Indies



Personalized Leather Games Collection

Personalized with your Three Initials



Circa 1940's Vintage Watch Style CT102T    Circa 1940's Vintage Watch Style CT105R

Vintage Reproduction Watch Collection





Personalized Sterling Silver Cufflinks



Custom Alligator Legal Pad




Elegant Mahogany Hangers

Finest Quality




Classic Saddle Shoes


M.H.Bertucci Boxed Gift Sets





Cutting Boards

Personalized Cutting Boards


Mouthwash Bottle and Dispenser


American Alligator Picture Frames

Custom ! Made up just for you !


Desk Drawer Custom Alligator Flask

Custom ! Made up just for you !




GPS Coordinates Bar Glasses


American Alligator Desk Sets

Custom ! Made up just for you !







Engraved Stationery

Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address


600 Sheet Memo Set

Elegant Set of 600 pieces of Engraved Memos with your first name, monogram and full name

Engraved Belt Buckles


Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !


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MH Bertucci Nautical Watches



Don't forget the Dad with hard-to-find Sizes !

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Dann Big & Tall


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Dann Short Collection


Dann Men's Clothing

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Father's Day Gift ideas for the Special Men in your life !

by Dennis Dann
Dann Men's Clothing

Show him how you feel about him----and how much he has done for you. Give him a quality gift that he will treasure for a very long time....maybe forever ! - Buy him a quality gift that says you love him.

Here are a few of my suggestions......

1. MONOGRAMED Tuxedo Stud Sets and Cuff links.....or Blazer Buttons are a Wonderful

gift!! Not only are these great lifetime gifts but they make him look

like a million bucks.

2. Monogramed Anything.....money clips, special wrist watches, pocket watches, pocket knives, pens.....nothing says "forever" like a monogramed gift ordered BY YOU---FOR HIM...with his initials. Monogrammed items are really special.....and are passed on to the next generation.

3. Anything for his hobby ! If he is a Golfer or Tennis player, a Sailor, a Race Car or Race Horse nut, Hunter, Fisherman, Card Player.....whatever...........there are some nice gifts which anyone with a passion appreciates. We sell great cocktail tumblers, for instance, with lots of great hobby themes. You could also order them with a personalized Boat name...or Vacation home name on them. In addition to themed gifts, there are clothes. Golfers have some definate ideas about what they want to wear, for instance. Great golf pants to wear on the course is a great idea or a great blazer or sportcoat to wear to dinner (with you !) in the clubhouse. Our Derby Day Clothing Collection has clothing and gifts for the avid horse enthusiast.

4. Wonderful Closet Accessories. Well-dressed men appreciate fine Gentlemen's Valets, Cedar Shoe Racks, Cedar Belt or Closet Organizers, Leather jewelry cases for men. If they care about how they look, they will want to keep things in line. Also a good idea for the "Oscar Madison" types who could use a little help in this area.

5. Fun Cocktail Glasses. Either nice engraved monogrammed ones with his initials or the Hand Blown Loop Optic ones---all done by hand---with special emblems fired with different motifs. Cuban Cigar s, Fox Hunt, Richard E Bishop Birds.

Or a Traveling Bar kit for his roadtrips away from home.

6. A new selection of Knit Shirts. This is something that everyone can use a few more of. Fun colors or classic stripes....always great with khaki shorts or pants.

7.Fun Sportshirts like fresh Viyella Madras Shirts.....or some patterned Dress Shirts from Bills Khakis. If he always wears blue and white buttondowns....maybe he would enjoy pink this time. Or some colorful new silk campshirts. With today's casual dress, he really always needs a few new shirts to wear to dinner and to parties.

The wonderful thing about gifts is that you give Dad something LUXURIOUS that they may not spoil themselves with !

Here's the key....choose something that is very high-quality and timeless.

The compliments from everyone (especially you !) on how well he looks will


He'll love you for it !

Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 40 years. He currently ships
Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide thru his website at


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He can be reached via his website at