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We love the fine shoes we sell.......(Dann Shoe Shop)...and think they deserve good cedar shoe trees !

Our shoe trees help them to maintain the shoes shape..absorbs moisture and deodorize shoes when you're not wearing them...extend their life span......and gives them a fresh red cedar scent. Our Cedar Closet Shoe System will also help you to store them safely....maximizing that all-important closet space.

Our Shoe Racks are a great addition to a Mud Room as well !


USA Shipments only !


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Cedar Shoe Trees

Cedar absorbs the moisture in your shoes....thereby extending the life of the well as also refreshes them with the fragrant cedar smell. Shoe Trees also hold & redefine the shape...which also does wonders for the life of a shoe.

Ultra Cedar Shoe Tree by Woodlore

New ! Our Finest Cedar Shoe Tree
This European design features an expandable, full crown and fully contoured heel with polished brass knob. Dual brass-plated steel tubes provide excellent stability and ease of use. The Finest and latest technology.....and in Fragrant Cedar.

Expandable full crown for any width !

Fully contoured heel for the perfect fit !

Dual brass-plated steel tubes for stability and ease of use !


Our Finest !

Price:  $32.95/pair


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Combination Cedar Shoe Tree
Combine an overhang heel with an expandable split toe, and this highly functional tree is the perfect fit for all styles of footwear. Brass-plated steel hardware adds an elegant touch.

Price:  $25.00/pair
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Men's Ultra Cedar Shoe Tree
The ultimate shoe tree. An adjustable split toe, full contoured heel and high vamp completely fill the shoe for a precise fit. A handsome polished brass knob and brass-plated steel hardware complete the look.

Price:  $29.95/pair


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Men's Full Cedar Shoe Tree
For those who prefer the traditional solid toe, this shoe tree is the answer. Moisture dissipates easily through ventilation slots in the full toe. A routed overhang in the heel handles with ease, and the steel hardware is plated with brass.

Price:  $25.00/pair


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Cedar Boot Tree
No matter the style, our boot trees keep boots looking their best. Built with a high crown for proper shape and support, the solid toe prevents cave-in and wrinkling. Easy grip heel makes removal a snap. Features zinc-plated steel hardware.

Price:  $25.00/pair


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Cedar ShoeMate™
A great alternative to traditional shoe trees. A flexible steel spring means one size fits all. Perfect for all shoe styles, and ideal for pumps and loafers. Men's feature right and left toes.

Price:  $17.95


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Adjustable Cedar Shoe Tree
This split-toe design features a spreader plate that adjusts to accommodate the widest range of shoe widths. Steel hardware is brass-plated, and a handy strap makes this tree easy to remove.

Price:  $19.95/pair


Boot Shaper Cedar Boot insert - holds shape of boot while absorbing moisture and odor.

Minimize creasing and cracking in dress, riding and Western boots with our all-natural Boot Shapers. Because they’re made of aromatic cedar they will absorb moisture from boot linings and deodorize boots. They feature brass knobs for ease-of-use and have adjustable widths.
Boot Shapers fit women’s boot sizes 6 (36.5) and up and men’s boot sizes 7 to 12 (40 to 46).

Dimensions: 3.5”L x 3.25”W x 17.5”H / 9 x 8 x 45 cm

Price:  $49.95/pair
Cedar Boot Shapers

Cedar Valets & Kits


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Cedar Shoe Care Valet
A great storage solution for all your shoe care items. The top slides easily and features a built-in shoe support. Beautiful and Fragrant Cedar ! Makes a wonderful gift !

Sold Empty......or loaded with lots of handy extras !

Starter Kit  includes black, burgundy, brown and neutral shoe cremes, 4 cloth applicators, 2 Polish daubers and 2 small horsehair shine brushes.

11"L x 8"W x 6"H

Price:  $65.00 Empty

Price:  $85.00 with Starter Kit

Cedar Shoe Fresh !  
Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by Woodlore

Shoe Fresh™ Inserts
A natural way to keep athletic or casual shoes dry and comfortable. Kiln-dried cedar chips packed in breathable cotton bags absorb moisture up to twice their weight, while the fresh cedar scent neutralizes odor. One size fits all.

Price:  $9.95

Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by Woodlore

Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by Woodlore

Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by Woodlore

Cedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by WoodloreCedar Shoe Fresh Inserts by Woodlore

Best Value ! Box of 12 !

Shoe Fresh™ Inserts
Why buy only one pair when you have a closet full of shoes ?

Use all 12 in your own closet.....or share half with someone you love !



Best Value !

Box of 12

Price:  $99.95

Set of SIX

Repel Moths and other insects from your Dresser Drawers and Closets !

Aromatic Cedar Shavings Bags

Price:  $29.50
Cedar Shoe Racks

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Stackable ! Transform your closet !

And your Mud Room !

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Single Large Shown above (Add the Shoe Rack Topper to the Large Size !)

Single Shoe Rack great for BOOTS !


Stackable Aromatic Cedar Shoe Rack
Simple, sleek and stackable, our cedar racks organize and store shoes while giving your closet a fresh scent. The regular size can hold 3 pairs of men's or 4 pairs of women's shoes, the large size holds 4 pairs of men's or 5 pairs of women's shoes.
29"L (Large 38"L) x 12"W x 5-1/2"H Regular


One unit

Price:  $45.00


One unit

Price:  $54.50

Shoe Rack Topper
Designed to fit our Large Shoe Rack. Cedar frame with hardboard shelf provides convenient additional storage to any closet or mudroom. Includes a pair or extenders to provide an additional 2" of vertical clearance.

37.25"L x 12"W x 1"H / 94 x 30 x 3 cm

Price:  $57.50


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