English Surcingle Belts

Big & Tall

from Dann Clothing

Just like you have always remembered !

35 MM

Great Color Selection ! A wardrobe mainstay.

13 Colors.......Solids and need them all !

Timeless !

Please note ! These Surcingle Belts in Big and Tall Belts are MADE TO ORDER----JUST FOR YOU----and therefore are non-returnable, non-cancellable, non-exchangeable. Belts are sized the next size up from your trouser size. Please be sure you are right.

Expedited shipments only after the belt is ready to ship. Please allow 3+ weeks before shipping depending on the time of the year.

We look forward to hearing from you !





YOUR Collegiate Colors !

Made in the USA--in the English Tradition

New Cotton Fabric

Belt Sizing......Rule of thumb is that you order a belt that is the next size up from your pant size. For the proper fit and look.......wear the belt thong on the middle hole.

Made in the USA


Please note...these are made up just for you !!


Great Colors with a Great Leather Tab, Brass Buckle

Big & Tall


Made to Order

New Cotton Fabric

Price:  $75.00






Cedar Belt Rack
Use this rack on the wall or on a door to organize 22 ties and 4 belts.

You need a new rack JUST to keep your Surcingle Belts !

 Rack boasts an added convenience: a molded cedar upper shelf to hold keys, watches, wallets, change, cufflinks and other easily misplaced necessities. Featuring brass-plated pegs and hooks, it easily mounts on walls and doors with brass screws

Accessory Mate
Price:  $33.95

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The Khaki Shop

from Dann


McKenzie Tribe Jeans.jpg (274332 bytes)

McKenzie Tribe Jeans

Dann Island Shop

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Dann Big & Tall

The Compete Viyella Shop from Dann

Braided Harness Leather Belts

Torino Belt Collection from Dann



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Dann Big & Tall



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River Road Jean

Regular, Big & Tall



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Men's Sandal Shop

To Size 13 !


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"Great Basics" Dress Shirts

Dress Shirt Collection

Big & Tall


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Tiger Mountain

Big & Tall

 Classic Boxer Shorts !



Big and Tall Poston Price Trousers

Poston Price's "Authentic Khaki"---Big & Tall

Poston Price's "Chino Extraordinaire"---Big & Tall

Ultimate Cotton Gabardine---Big & Tall




Golf Belts

Argyle (Navy & Green) Leather Tab Belt






Oxford Cloth Shirt


Classic Collection---Long Sleeve

Regular, Big, Tall



SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set

Luxury Men's Memo Note Set

1000 Sheet Memo Set


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