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Blazer & Sport Coat Headquarters

from Dann Clothing

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Complete Collection of sizes....quality....price....

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Incredible quality.....beautiful yarns......


.....are basically year-round garments.


Timeless classic sport coats to have in your closet for years to come.

Whether you are a businessman, an undergrad.....Grad Student.....Law Clerk.....Intern or successful Alum.........these jackets will give you great wardrobe mileage.

Mix them with jeans.....or dress them up over dress slacks.......add a tie or nice Polo Collar or Cashmere Sweater !

Things have gotten so casual these days. With a nice blazer over some khakis and can walk in about anywhere.


Don't miss the new  Fashion HYBRID Blazer.......with removable Black and Navy....


Just ADDED.....WOMENS Blazers.


A little polish will carry you far in life.



Navy Blue Blazers work GREAT for Weddings !


We offer an incredible array (we think !) of sizes and different price points.......sure to be able to fit you and find the quality you are seeking.

Now also offering.....New Modern Fit ! Trim Tailored


We look forward to sending you one of these for this season !



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and may we suggest........

The perfect compliment...Engraved Blazer Buttons....

or our new Crested Blazer Buttons  Imported by Special Order.

242 Marines



The History of The Blazer

 The Captain of an Ocean Liner

In the 1800's, British Ship Captains bought dress uniforms for their crews, who were normally a ragtag bunch.

The Captain of the HMS Blazer happened to choose Navy Blue Double-Breasted with Brass Buttons. They were affectionately identified by the name of the ship from then on.


Hybrid Blazers
NEW Fashion Blazer with zip out bibb

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Alumni Luxury Blazers

100% Wool

Luxury Sportcoats
Camel Hair and Cashmere

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Corbin Blazers


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Joseph Abboud


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Very Limited !





Dann-Online Dann-Online

Old world quality in construction and fabrication Made in America.


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H. Freeman Blazers

Made in America.

Now also offering.....New Modern Fit ! Trim Tailored

John Cooper ....Savile Row


from Dann Mens Clothing



Gianni Manzoni Clothing


Southwick Made to Measure


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