St John's Bay Rum Cologne

Timeless Fragrance of the Virgin Islands

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St John's Bay Rum has been the fragrance of choice by well-dressed men for decades....and the history of the Bay Rum scent since the days of Christopher Columbus. We look forward to sending you some of these great and timeless fragrances !


We always recommend the larger 8 OZ size......its a much better value.


Dennis & Joan



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Wrapped by hand in the West Indies in palm fronds.



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BAY RUM Fragrance has a centuries old history. When Christopher Columbus discovered the Virgin Islands, there were Bay trees basking in our beautiful sun. The peaceful Arawak Indians, it is said, held the Bay tree sacred. Later settlers discovered how refreshing toilet waters became, when mixed with the oil extracted from Bay leaves. Of all the varieties of Bay trees, the most exquisite is found in the island of St. John. The purity of the air and the evenness of climate make the fragrance of the Bay trees of St. John stand out in the beautiful marriage of orange peel, pimiento and other exotic spices.




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we prefer the generous 8 oz.
We think it is a better value for frequent users.

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St. John's Cologne
8 Oz Bay Rum Cologne

Best Value

Our most popular size due to the great value

Price:  $59.50




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