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For the Well-Dressed Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers of the Bride/Groom

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We have some very important things you need to be present on the big a guest or in the wedding party !

Formal Wear from upscale Dann Men's Clothing has all of your Formal needs for someone looking for more elegant formal pieces to add to your closet permanently.....Dann Clothing has all the clothes the well-dressed man needs for his honeymoon, Grooms Dinner and other Wedding festivities



More Casual Weddings....all the rage ! Linen Suits for Beach Weddings......Colored Red pants, Seersucker Trousers or Embroidered Pants for Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Maine, Michigan, Southern Weddings....

Holiday Weddings ! Festive or Elegant Formalwear for your Christmas or New Years Wedding.

Personalized Gifts for the most elegant engraved wedding presents..........Personalized engraved jewelry and casual engraved gifts for the groomsmen...............Special personalized monogrammed gifts for the Groom from the Bride.

We think we have lots of ideas for you ! ALWAYS order extremely early. And email us if you need help!

Dennis & Joan


tuxedoshirts.jpg (23967 bytes) tux sb shawl full.gif (57523 bytes)

Dann Formal Wear

Tuxedos, White Dinner Jackets...

tux dinner jacket sb shawl cream.gif (67347 bytes)

j-20811.jpg (7624 bytes)

Walking Stick Collection

from Dann


Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces

TR Formal Braces.jpg (62082 bytes)

Braces for the Big Day !



15-0553_SIDELR.jpg (38204 bytes)

Dann Formal Footwear


Cuff Links Shop

Custom Silk Braces

Made up just for you....match your Wedding Colors !

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Men's Colognes



Custom Silk Braces, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares and Neckties
Reg, Tall and Boys

sar8 sat2  sar9
Converational Bracers

stud sets.jpg (18866 bytes)

Tuxedo Stud Sets


Formal Braces

Formal XL Braces

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Formalwear Accessories


tuxedoshirts.jpg (23967 bytes)


Tuxedo Shirt Collection

Reg, Big/Tall, New Trim Fit




The PERFECT Casual Wedding Shoe !

Comfortable Rubber Outsoles-----built for a long day and dancing into the night in comfort

weddingcartr trwebbing

Trumble Rhodes Neckwear

Liberty of London Prints

Neckties and Bow Ties





Formalwear Accessories

Formalwear Cummerbund Sets

white vest.jpg (36003 bytes)

Holiday Formalwear Accessories

for Holiday Weddings !



satin necktie.jpg (74815 bytes)

Solid Satin Neckties

Extensive Color Selection !

Regular and Extra Long !


Solid Twill Neckties

Extensive Color Selection !

Regular and Extra Long !


The PERFECT Groomsmen Ties !




Carrot & Gibbs

Custom Bow Ties

This is the PERFECT Bow Collection if you have a Wedding Party----all needing different sized bows for their neck size !

Many fun and colorful bows to match Bridesmaids Dresses !


Carrot & Gibbs

Custom Formal Bow Ties




Private Stock Cumberbund Sets 

Solids Formal Sets

Cover-up garment bags

Personalized Travel Covers



Formal Braces

Reg and XL



Patterned and Solid Braces

Casual and Formal


Reg & XL


Engraved Tuxedo CuffLinks and Studs

Ask about our Grooms Special......the 13th set is free.


Elegant Walking Sticks



14 Karat Gold Collection

Men's Tuxedo Stud Sets

Our Finest !


Personalized Pocket Watch.jpg (40986 bytes)

Personalized Pocket Watches




For  more relaxed

Beach or Island Weddings...........

What fun ! But this takes advance planning far ahead if trying to find multiple matching trousers in various sizes. For embroidered, seersucker or colored pants...its EVEN sizes only and only to size 44...IF available.

Rule of thumb....EARLY FEBRUARY deadline for a June wedding.

Trousers-----Embroidered Twill

Trousers-----Embroidered Corduroy

(Extremely limited !!! Order very early !  Sizes 28-44 Reg only)



Trousers---Solid Twill

(Extremely limited !!! Order very early ! Sizes 28-46 Reg only )


Summer Seersucker Trousers

(Extremely limited !!! Order very early ! Sizes 30-48 Reg only )



Blazer Headquarters   Khaki Pants

You will want to order all the same trousers for the Wedding they are the same "dye-lot" and will match.

(Reg, Short, Long------Khakis are an easier fit for a large & varied Wedding Party.)



Linen, Seersucker & Poplin Suits

for Beach & Cruise Weddings

1000825thumb2haspelsuitcream.jpg (10333 bytes)

As seen in the Beach Wedding of "You, Me and Dupree" on Matt Damon (that was OUR suit !)


& Don't forget Green Blazers for Irish or GOLF Weddings ! (We have a great size range.)

OR 17 other colors !

Have a collegiate, fraternity, sports or other colored theme ?


Wedding party- love!



Formal Neckties

Regular and Extra Long


 Formal Neckties !


Fraternity Neckties  from Dann

fraternity greek necktie college wear university gear men's clothing


Tie Bars

Groomsmen & Prom Neckties


Dann Private Stock

Formal Footwear

Size 6.5 up to Size 14

Extensive Sizes Available ! Mediums, Wides and Narrows...From 6.5 up to size 14



Argyle Socks

Byford logo.jpg (15205 bytes)

Byford Socks

Groomsmen need matching socks !!

tuxedoshirts.jpg (23967 bytes)


Tuxedo Shirt Collection


129fw5.jpg (11383 bytes)

Big & Tall


Big & Tall Tuxedo Shirts



tuxedoshirtsstraightcollar.jpg (12940 bytes)


 Straight Collar Tuxedo Shirt

New !

Tailored Trim Fit


Colorful Tuxedo Stud Sets

13 Colors !


White Braces

for White Tie or Weddings !

Fun Tuxedo Stud Sets


Dann Private Stock Braces & Suspenders


tiger mountain.jpg (10207 bytes)

Tiger Mountain

Boxers, Undershirts & Briefs

Have a little fun......

Groomsmen need Coordinating Boxer Shorts for Team Unity !

kissmei'mirish.gif (22494 bytes)
Irish Wedding ?
JM Casual.jpg (57968 bytes)

Groomsmen need matching Shoes !



Elegant Walking Sticks

Perfect for Weddings or Formal Events

gift champagne.jpg (106597 bytes)

The perfect wedding gift.

engraved and wrapped beautifully..........and shipped  wherever you need this to go !



Wine Lovers Engraved Glass Collection

971.jpg (17047 bytes)

Personalized Serving Pieces

Personalized Barware

Personalized Champagne Flutes


Wedding Invitation Plate
Engraved with all of the happy Couple's special information !
windsor.jpg (34238 bytes)

Elegant Country Baskets


Eclipse - Level 3

Dann Studio Gifts

American Alligator Picture Frames

Custom ! Made up just for you !



wpe7C1.jpg (18250 bytes)

Library Photo Albums

"Our Wedding", "Our Honeymoon"

New Library Book Colors.jpg (31356 bytes)

Personalized Slate House Signs


City Picnic Collection


Personalized Walnut Cutting Boards


Personalized Wooden Cutting Boards

Diamond Cut Faceted Paperweight
Deluxe Engraving

Personalized Wedding Cutting Board


Deluxe Engraving !

619.jpg (7528 bytes)  

Personalized Barware from Dann


Large Songbird Mailbox.jpg (31077 bytes)

Personalized Mailboxes

with Style !


and the perfect wedding gift for the GROOM !

Dann Watch Shop

Nice watches for the Groom (and the Groomsmen !)


Personalized & Engraved Cufflinks

Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold

Our Finest !

Our Finest Quality !

14 Karat Gold Blazer Buttons

Our Finest !


Bengal Stripe.jpg (39470 bytes)  classic monogram.jpg (29488 bytes)    Whipstitched Shawl.jpg (30237 bytes)

Personalized Sleepwear Collection

Honeymoon Gifts for the Groom


gift box.jpg (28053 bytes)

Gifts for the Groomsmen !

(& don't forget the Dads & Grandads !)

3016.jpg (9428 bytes)

Personalized Barware

sterlmap.gif (19428 bytes)

Engraved Sterling Silver

Ask about our Grooms Special......the 13th set is free.


logo barware.jpg (72529 bytes)

Personalized Logo  Barware


Personalized Foldnotes from Dann


Engraved Blazer Buttons

Ask about our Grooms Special......the 13th set is free.

Personalized Belt Buckles

Engraved with Your Monogram !


bi-pencase.jpg (26561 bytes)

Engraved & Personalized Gifts for Men


Leather Watch Box


gc255.jpg (34547 bytes)

Personalized & Engraved Men's Gifts

custom photocufflinks packaging

Custom Photo Cufflinks


Cuff Link Collections

Engraved Money Clips

Vintage Cuban Cigar Band Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !

AND Cuban Cigar Band clips.....


Collegiate Cuff Links

Groommen Gifts !

Personalized Pocket Watches

custom photocufflinks packaging

Custom Photo Cufflinks


Personalized Tie Bars

Sterling Silver

Our best quality !


Classic Century Pens

Personalized !


Gifts for the Bridesmaids !


Dann Correspondence Cards

Toiletry Bags Collection

Personalized !

For Women !


Personalized Leather Jewelry Cases

For Women




Leather Journals


Womens Wallets

Personalized !

For Women !



Clothes for

the Honeymoon !


Dann Island Shop


Summer.jpg (89778 bytes)

Dann Men's Clothing


wpe1.jpg (5434 bytes)

The Khaki Shop

white_star_line.JPG (40668 bytes)

The perfect  Honeymoon Cruise !

Camragls.wmf (3156 bytes)
Great Explorations! Travel

cruise specialist--Joan Dann

Engraved Gift Enclosure Cards

Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address


Dann-Online Home Dann Clothing Home

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Drop us a Line!

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Personalized Baby Blankets



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Boys Suits and Blazers
sizes 8-22