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Corbin Collection

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Corbin Trousers, Suits,

Sportcoats, Blazers, Tuxedos, Dinner Jackets


& Corbin Custom !


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from Dann Clothing

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Corbin 2017



Timeless style..........from this long-standing company....1947.

(I have been dealing with them since 1965 !)

The only choice for many..........long known for its great fit !

Suits and Tuxedos as sold as Separates so

you choose the jacket size and style, pant size and style.

Of course....that famous Corbin pant with the great fit !




and  also Corbin Customized

 --for Formalwear, Suits, Trousers, Blazers ....just for you in the size and style of your choosing !








Corbin Year-Round Suits

With Extra Trousers !


Corbin Stock Clothing - Suit Seperates


Corbin Tuxedos

& Corbin Dinner Jackets


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Corbin Stock Clothing - 01  Corbin Stock Clothing - 02  Corbin Stock Clothing - 03




Corbin Spring/Summer Trouser Collection



Corbin Dress Trousers

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Corbin Fall/Winter Trouser Collection




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Corbin Twills & Poplins


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Corbin Blazers

Corbin Custom Blazers

Fun Unusual Colorful Linings

 Made up just for you !

Customized Corbin Blazers & Suits

Customized ! Made up just for you in your size ---using standard Corbin patterns!


Customized Corbin Formal Wear


Customized Corbin Trousers


Customized ! Made up just for you in your size ---using standard Corbin patterns!