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Castaway Clothing



Coastal Lifestyle Castaway Clothing----- the fun clothes that you will want to live in.

We love this fun dressing......its timeless.....its ageless.....and its really a lifestyle.

The great conversation starters....that show your unique personality.

Things are very limited so you will want to order early. High quality fabrics, construction and embroidery.

We look forward to sending you some things !


Please note ! The Embroidered and Special Seasonal items are extremely limited ! Order EARLY




PS A note from Joan Dann----

I was the New England Rep for many lines---many years ago.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Giles Bredier for many years of Murray's Toggery in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard---and ship him a great many walk shorts for their busy summer season.

He often spoke of his two little boys----Matt & Andrew. I learned a great deal back then from Giles about colorful shorts and trousers that were so loved in the Islands (those famous Red Trousers !) & resort dressing.

Today---Castaway Clothing has been created and owned by Matt &  Andrew Bredier----------how interesting how life brings the same people back into your life.

This is an EXCELLENT product----high quality and GREAT FIT.

I know that their Dad Giles --and Grandfather Murray (a Legend !)--would be so proud of them.

They have LIVED this Island lifestyle all of their lives. We hope you will enjoy these great products--no matter where you live.

Joan Dann

Image result for castaway clothing  Description: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-aXnTHTKptbE/Tee_IveAz-I/AAAAAAAAFRk/OLCFevP7hBM/s640/Groomsmen-Salmon-Pants.jpg




Castaway Clothing

Embroidered Motif Shirts




Beachcomber Corduroy Pant Black with Candy Cane  Beachcomber Corduroy Pants    crst   Beachcomber Corduroy Pant Bright Red with Christmas Treefallstack

Castaway Clothing

Embroidered Corduroy Trousers
for Fall, Winter & Holiday !


f17cast f17ast



Embroidered Blazers
AND TARTAN Blazers !


Fun Loungewear Sleeper Pants !


Castaway Clothing Embroidered Corduroy pants with mistletoe from Dann Clothing, tartanpants

Castaway Clothing

Fancy Party Pants !


Castaway Flannel Lined Khakis

Castaway Clothing




Stretch Twill & Corduroy


100% Cotton NEW FALL

 Embroidery !


Castaway Sweaters

100% Cotton

Made in America

Ameflaswe sweatersmadclacrew miasweaters20

Made in America Cotton Sweaters




Cotton Solid & Embroidered Trousers & Walkshorts

embharpant19 walks



embroidblazers vestcast
Outerwear Pieces




Castaway Clothing

 Solid Corduroy Trousers


Now to size 46 !






SEN_015.jpg (15330 bytes)


Christmas in the Tropics

440-P1280025a_s.jpg (19401 bytes)holshorts

Christmas gear for WARM Weather !







For the Best Dressed young Gentlemen !





Description: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-aXnTHTKptbE/Tee_IveAz-I/AAAAAAAAFRk/OLCFevP7hBM/s640/Groomsmen-Salmon-Pants.jpg



Description: https://aliandlance.weebly.com/uploads/2/5/1/0/2510819/1231603.jpg?486x318

Castaway Clothing

 Solid Twill & Corduroy Trousers

& Walk shorts


Now to size 46 !


Harbor Pants Plain Pink






Castaway Clothing

Castaway Clothing Embroidered Swim Trunks

& Solid Bathing Swim Trunks








Authentic Patch Madras Walkshorts, Shirts




martred  hollybluox

Castaway Clothing

Castaway Clothing Logo Knit Shirt

Embroidered Motif Shirts

& Button Down Shirts

& Hats !

cast 1 cast 13cast 10



Castaway Baseball Caps





embharpant19 harborpants19

100% Cotton Twill

Fun Embroidery------Great Solids

Summer, Fall & Holiday

Trousers PLUS Walkshorts



Castaway Clothing

14 Wale

Corduroy Trousers



Castaway Boxer Shorts

Barefoot Boxers ! Fun !


Castaway Clothing

Embroidered Motif Shirts




 embroidblazers Spinnaker Blazer Lincoln Patch Madras
Embroidered Blazers

usflag.gif (23146 bytes)


 Patriotic American  Trousers & Shorts !


Embroidered Pants and Walkshorts


Don't forget Weddings ! But order EARLY.....and you may want to get the Groomsmen pants BEFORE settling on the Bridesmaid dresses.

(Now who has ever thought about that ?) Email us and we will reserve the pants well before the season starts.



Custom Embroidered Trousers

Show off your Club, School, Fraternity, Estate, Yacht, Company----in YOUR logo !

Will be produced just for you !

100 unit minimum------Same color, same embroidery, same fabric---one shipment.

Timeframe---- One month to approve and produce the embroidered logo after the order is received-----90 Day production time----so at least 4 month lead time.

If you must have by a DEFINITE Date----allow SIX Months lead time. Corduroy only available for August /Sept production timeframe---with order placed in April prior.


emailed.gif (9412 bytes)

Drop us a line!






Colorful Italian Cotton Belts



new bow.jpg (27032 bytes)

Fun Bow Ties !



Sea Island Cotton Socks


Engraved Belts and Buckles

TR Belt Strap and Buckle.jpg (32107 bytes)

from Trafalgar


byfordlogo.jpg (13858 bytes)



Dann Studio Italian Footwear

MonteCarlo.gif (33454 bytes)


smallcroc.jpg (2648 bytes)

The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection

from Dann


cocktailglasses.jpg (20818 bytes)

Dann Studio Gifts


Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton

Sweaters & Knits




Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets



Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


Robert Talbott Collection


Royal Lyme Collection.jpg (429190 bytes)

Royall Fragrance Deluxe Gift Set

Six Fragrances !


Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton

Sweaters & Knits



Fun ! D- Ring Belts



Dann Footwear---Drivers


Compass Rose Barware

Handmade & Hand-blown Loop Optic


Cotton Surcingle Belts

The Timeless Classic !



 Stretch Cotton Belts


Colorful Woven Casual Belt



Braided Harness Leather Belts


29_thumb.jpg (10841 bytes)

Dann Island & Summer Shop



Alternate View

Alternate View

Richard E. Bishop

Bird Barware Collection

Since 1932

Loop Optic Hand-blown Barware !



Viyella Shop from Dann




Personalized Walnut Cutting Boards



Nautical Etching & America's Cup Barware

Loop Optic Hand-blown Barware !

Rattan and Bamboo Luggage Racks


P609-2 Protea and Shells Facing Right 18

Needlepoint Pillows Collection

Handcrafted & Hand Stitched in Needlepoint




19" Coast Guard Approved Life Rings

Personalized Life Rings


Dogs with Style !




Snooty Fox Barware

Loop Optic Hand-blown Barware !


corbinpoplinsuit.jpg (25813 bytes)
Poplin & Seersucker Suits
Extensive Sizing ! Regular, Short, Long, Extra Longs



Engraved Blazer Buttons

Monogrammed !


with your Monogram ! or Greek Fraternity Letters

Blazer Buttons.jpg (26708 bytes)


Titanic Oceanliner Barware



Lighthouse Barware

Handmade & Handblown Loop Optic


Trafalgar Travel & Business Bags





Byford Christmas Motif Sock Assortment



Byford Motif Sock Assortment



Santa Ana 5 Sock Pack

Fun Men's Sock Assortments



Personalized Motif Metal Luggage Tags
DOZENS of Motif Choices !  Four Color Choices for the tags.