Castaway Clothing Patriotic American Flag pants from Dann Clothing, Patriotic American Flag Walk Shorts for Men, Election Season Republican & Democrat Pants


Castaway Clothing


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 Patriotic American  Trousers & Shorts !

from Dann Clothing



hero1  Cisco Short Tan With Elephant , MENS EMBROIDERED SHORTS - Castaway Clothing, Castaway Nantucket Island - 1     Embroidered Harbor Pants Nantucket Navy with American Flag


         Show your American Pride !

Extremely Limited !

 You are going to want several so please order early.

Please note ! If you wait until you NEED these---they will be sold out. Reserve FAR ahead of "the season" is the basic rule of thumb....we will ship as soon as they are ready !




We love New England and all of the little islands----Northern Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin----the Carolinas--Georgia Islands....Key West....--and every little burg and countryside in-between. The Personality of the clothing that began there and then has spread everywhere.

Time to have a little fun !


Weathered Red Harbor Pant Picture

Castaway Clothing

Solid Twill Trousers

& Walkshorts


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Fun Americana Shop

US Military Gifts

Limited Edition Our Right of Duty Brace: 100% Hand Woven Silk

Limited Edition Trafalgar Braces

Patriotic Red Sweaters



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Political Republican and Democrat

Tuxedo Stud Set & Cuff Links Collection



Leather Tab Belts


Staff Pick: Jim's Flip Flops

Colorful Custom Sandals !



Red White and Blue Belt


The Stars and Stripes Baseball The Stars and Stripes Baseball
Limited Edition Baseballs




Castaway Clothing

100% Cotton Twill Khaki
with Embroidery !
Flat Front
Price:  170.00
Shipped unfinished at 37.5"
Price:  170.00
Pant Size: 
Trousers are shipped with unfinished Bottoms







Embroidered Walk shorts
Fun !
Price:  $96.50
Pant Size: 
Now to size 46 in a few patterns ! Please ask !

Flat Front


repubss demss

Fun Political Socks


Castaway Boxer Shorts

Barefoot Boxers ! Fun !



Castaway Clothing

Castaway Clothing Embroidered Swim Trunks

& Solid Bathing Swim Trunks




Republican and Democrat Barware

Fine Crystal Barware, Wine Glasses, Decanters

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !



Custom Embroidered Trousers

Show off your Club, School, Fraternity, Estate, Yacht, Company----in YOUR logo !

Will be produced just for you !

100 unit minimum------Same color, same embroidery, same fabric---one shipment.

Timeframe---- One month to approve and produce the embroidered logo after the order is received-----90 Day production time----so at least 4 month lead time.

If you must have by a DEFINITE Date----allow SIX Months lead time. Corduroy only available for August /Sept production timeframe---with order placed in April prior.



Castaway Clothing Embroidered Christmas Shirt



America Stars & Stripes Collection

Hooked Pillows






Castaway Beachcomber Corduroy Jacket

Easy fitting Casual Jacket

Christmas Red, Navy, Khaki, Olive

A relaxed fun casual blazer !




Nanx-013  Palm Tree Loafer for Men American Flag Needlepoint Loafers for Men Nanx-03346 Bamboo on Cream Needlepoint Loafer for Men

Needlepoint Shoes for Men


Weathered Red Harbor Pant Picture

Castaway Clothing

 Solid Twill & Corduroy Trousers

& Walkshorts


Castaway Clothing

Mariner Jacket


Castaway Clothing

See the growing Collection !

Cisco Shorts White Skull Picture    


Contrast Top Heel Toe Socks

Fun !

Trafalgar Casual Belts


Peru Unlimited

Knit Shirts


The Christmas Shop

for Men

from Dann Men's Clothing

Tartan Plaid Blanket Collection

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Vintage Outerwear Jackets

Made in USA




Wool Hooked Pillow Collection

Made by Hand-----100% Wool !


Toywatch Watch Collection
Fun and Colorful !


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 Fun  American Flag  Shirts & Hats !




Vintage Political Cufflinks !


Dann Men's Clothing

Dann-Online Home

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