Byford Motif Socks from Dann Clothing, FUN High Quality Byford in festive patterns




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Fun Motif Socks

Spring 2019

Complete Collection !

from Dann Clothing



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Limited Edition Byford Motif Socks


Time to have a little fun !


Byford Hosiery

The Best of British Style !  Made in Peru

Fun Assortments--or--by pattern ! Makes a great gift.


Please note ! These are very limited ! Grab yours now while available.


Assortments & Motifs change constantly........So we will send the most recent Assortments !


We are awfully proud--after 44 years of selling them---of Byford's enduring sock quality....better wear...better foot fit..."Stand up" on any leg....even after washing and washing....and great toe comfort. We ship in boxes of Six...and we look forward to sending you your favorite Byford version. Personally I should be attending "Socks Anonymous" to curb my "problem".

Now if we could just do something about the dryer "eating" your socks...


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PS Don't forget FUN socks for Black Tie events---






 PS---We need at least 7-10 business days to deliver your Byford socks...and must sell in packages of 6 per color. We obtain exactly the sock you want directly from Byford for you. We realize that selling 6 per color will not work for everyone....but is intended for people looking for specific lengths in specific socks that they have trouble finding......and we can deliver a fresh new box right to you. By their personal nature, socks are addition to the fact that we obtain them just for you as a Special Order.


Box of Six----Six socks by pattern OR

Assembled by us

Assortments vary...and may include some brand new patterns now shown here



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Byford Socks


Byford Christmas Motif Sock Assortment



Byford Sweater Collection

Cotton/Cashmere Blend

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Weddings by Dann

Groomsmen need matching socks


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Fun Americana Shop


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The Golf Shop

from Dann Clothing



Fun Political Cufflinks





Shoe Horn Collection




ASSORTED BOX of six OR six of one style




Price: $125.00

Box of 6*

 one Box of Six units


SPRING 2019 Assortment




ASSORTED BOX of six OR six of one style




Stripes and Diamonds


Price: $125.00

Box of 6*

 one Box of Six units


SPRING 2018 Assortment



ASSORTED BOX of six OR six of one style




Spring Cotton Argyles


Price: $129.00

Box of 6*

 one Box of Six units


SPRING 2019 Assortment

beach101 beach102 beach103


ASSORTED BOX of six OR six of one style




Price: $125.00

Box of 6*

 one Box of Six units


SPRING 2019 Assortment




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Linen Corner

Suits, Sportcoats, Trousers,Long and Short Sleeve Shirts




Dann Footwear

Handcrafted Genuine Hand-sewns, Loafers and Driving Shoes

& More









Fall Tartan and CREST Fancies




Men's Washburn Shoe Tree        Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Personalized Shoe Trees


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Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


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Byford Hosiery



Leather Shoe Bag

Personalized !



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann

Shoe Horn Collection


Chamois Cloth Trousers

from Bills Khakis

The new refined Khaki !

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Dann Shoe Shop


Embroidered Walk shorts





Byford Cashmere  Socks
Fun ! With Contrast Tipping !

Republican and Democrat Barware

Fine Crystal Barware, Wine Glasses, Decanters

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !






 Dann Private Stock

All Cotton Khakis