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Khakis & Chinos


from Dann Mens Clothing


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100% Cotton Khaki


Well Built Cottons


Casual Khaki and Chino timeless style..........from this long-standing company.

The only choice in trousers for many ! Long known for a great fit. You can wear these anywhere ! games....out to lunch...

top with a Blazer or sweater.....these will dress-up or dress-down...depending on what you put with them. I would like to send some to you !



All trousers are shipped unfinished at 36".

However---All trousers can be hemmed or cuffed for $10 per trouser charge.

Please note...

once altered for you,

they are then non-returnable.

Please note in the comments area how you would like them finished (hem or cuff)...and to what length. We will adjust the order charges.


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Pleat                                                              Flat Front


Well Built Cottons !

Shipped unfinished with a 36" inseam


Wrinkle, Stain, Water Resistant


100% Cotton


Double Reverse Pleat or Plain Front
Price:  $
Pant Size: 
Please email us

English Surcingle Belts

The Timeless Classic !


Corbin Collection

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from Dann Clothing

See the complete collection !


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Corbin Twills & Poplins

Corbin Trousers

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Egyptian Cotton T Shirts


The Complete Viyella Shop from Dann

Viyella Shirts, Viyella Robes, Viyella Sweaters


Corbin Seasonal Sportcoats

Warm Weather


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Corbin Custom Trousers

Not seeing your size or the style you want ? It can be obtained via Corbin Custom.

Please email us !

4-6 week delivery----there is an up-charge over off the rack trousers as it is made up just for  you. Customized using Corbin Trouser Patterns and fabrics----so then non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-cancellable once the order is placed.

Forward Pleat---Reverse Pleat---Dress Extension---Plain Front---Back Flaps, Watch Pocket etc. are all possible options.



The Perfect Compliment to your Casual Trousers!


Murray Hill Bag Collection


Now available at Great Explorations! Luggage


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Gingham Check Shirt Collection



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Sportswear Collection



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Button Down Dress Shirt Collection


To properly care for your Dann Clothing...

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The Well-Dressed Closet


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Trafalgar Belts and Braces


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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear


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Safari Baskets from Dann

Dann Denim Shirts


Peru Unlimited

Knit Shirts


Personalized Traveller Wallet Collection

Personalized with your Three Initials

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Dann Classic Private Collection Footwear

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Corbin Twills & Poplins

Corbin Microfiber

Richard E. Bishop

Porcelain Coffee Mugs

Since 1932



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Vintage Outerwear Jackets

Made in USA


Peru Unlimited

Pima Stripe Knit Shirt Collection

40 Color Combinations !

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Authentic Regimental Stripes Neckwear

Offered in Regular and Extra Tall





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   Easy Care !

Viyella Wrinkle FREE

Timeless Classics for the Next Generation !

---now a selection offered with new NO IRON treatment !



Cash Cover Wallets


Fun Unusual Colorful Linings

 Made up just for you !


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