Richard E. Bishop Porcelain Coffee Mugs Collection from Dann,Waterfowl, Upland Game Birds, Labrador

Richard E. Bishop

Porcelain Coffee Mugs

Since 1932

from Dann


Featuring Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds


Porcelain Coffee Mugs!

The coffee mugs your parents had !

Incredibly popular design---still made since 1932......which says a little bit about the timeless attraction of this collection. What a great way to start your day !

From the incredible artwork of American Artist Richard E. Bishop.

See more about Richard E. Bishop at bottom of page.

All glass sets are sets of 4 unless noted---Waterfowl or Upland Game Birds.

Also....Labrador Mugs...Don't forget your Favorite companion !

Great for Gift Giving....Beautiful Gift Box presentation.



Dennis &  Joan

Alternate View

Alternate View

 "Bishop was a master at capturing the anatomy and behavior of birds in flight"

chad1 dofruxg

Also nice to keep at your bar....Perfect for Hot Coffee Drinks...Hot Toddies.....Mugs of Soup for Guests



Don't miss....Richard E Bishop Bird Barware Collection----the perfect companion to these sets.

Please Allow 10 working business days (M-F)! -------------West Coast shipping....allow at least 14 days.

Allow extra time for the Holiday Rush ! Order EARLY DECEMBER for best results.



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Classic Collection

10 oz mugs


Richard E. Bishop Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds

Coffee Mugs

Set of 4

Price:  $42.50


Don't forget your Favorite companion !

Lab Porcelain Mugs, 10oz, gift boxed - Click Image to Close


10 oz mugs


Richard E. Bishop
Coffee Mugs
Set of 4
Price:  $42.50
Design:  LAB

Deer, Porcelain Mugs, 10oz, gift boxed - Click Image to Close


Deer Barware

Bar Mugs

Set of 4

Price:  $42.50

10 oz mugs


Coffee Mugs
Set of 4
Price:  $42.50
Design:  Trout

10 oz mugs

Shown for Mug Style. YOUR box of four mugs will have

Two of Angus---Two of Winnie playing GOLF OR TENNIS OR FISHING

Please select from dropdown

Angus & Winnie
Coffee Mugs
Set of 4
Price:  $42.50
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 with 4 different cocktail glasses, 2 1/4 oz size....for those who like it "neat".

Alternate View

Wild Birds cocktail Glass Set
"Ways of Wildfowl"
Price:  $49.50
Wild Birds cocktail Glass Set
Book !
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Price:  $64.50

Need a great portable side bar for Cocktails ?

 Our Rattan Tall Serving Rack & Tray are just the thing !


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Alternate View

Alternate View

Richard E. Bishop

Bird Barware Collection

Since 1932



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