Kent Bath & Shower Brush


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from Dann Clothing

The World's Finest Hairbrushes, Combs, Clothes Brushes, Nail Brushes, Bath/Shower Brushes and Shaving Brushes.

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From England !

"For a Jolly good scrub !"


KENT    kwnt12   

Such wonderful brushes ! Fine Woods.....Natural Bristles. We look forward to sending you some of our fine Grooming Accoutrements !


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Allow 2 weeks for Delivery !


The Dann Barber Shop Collection
















Custom Silk Robes





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Kent Nail Brush Collection

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Kent Handmade Comb Collection





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Kent Hair Brush Collection

Military Ovals, Rectangles, as well as Ovals and Rectangles with Club Handles !



Natural Wood and Pure Natural Bristles !

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Kent Bath & Shower Brush

No 1



Detachable head with grip

Face Flannel Included !

Price:  $149.50

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Kent Bath & Shower Brush

No 2

Beechwood Bath Bat

Pure White Bristles

Price:  $89.50

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Our Best Selling !

In Stock !!

Kent Bath & Shower Brush

No 3


Fixed head Luxury Bath Brush

Pure Bristle filling

Textured to massage and remove dead skin effectively.

Price:  $115.00

Cleaning Brush !  

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Removes dead hairs

Thoroughly cleans brush base

Extends life of brush

Suitable for all types of brush

Kent Cleaning Brush
Price:  $24.50

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Kent Bath & Shower Brush

No 4

Beechwood Shower Bat

Pure White Bristles

Face Flannel Included

Price:  $79.50

Shaving Kits !


Fragrances....All-purpose Lotions and After Shaves...

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Royall Fragrance

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St. John

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Dann Mens Grooming Kits

Featuring Solingen Implements




Barber Shop Collection

from Dann


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Personalized Sleepwear Collection


Personalized Traveller Wallet Collection

Personalized with your Three Initials


More Essentials......

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Tiger Mountain Boxers



truefittgift   trufitgift  vipth    truefitgift2
Truefitt & Hill Gift Boxes



Peru Unlimited Alpaca & Cotton

Sweaters & Knits



Mouthwash Bottle with Dispenser Pump


Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !

Toiletry Bags Collection

Personalized !

For Women !

Personalized Robes Collection



Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !

St John Bay Rum


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Lambswool & Cashmere Robe Collection

Personalized !


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