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Alden Shoes

from Dann Clothing

The perfect shoe for the well-dressed man !

We have what you need from Alden to look your best.......and to finish your great looking suit, tuxedo or Dress Casual look.

Since 1884, Alden has been making fine shoes and boots ! We haven't carried them quite that long.........only 30+ years.........

We are proud of their quality and their fit and have had many happy customers over the years. Detailed fit information and shoe specifications at bottom of page.We look forward to hearing from YOU. We certainly have an extensive selection of clothing and furnishings to go with these beautiful shoes as well.

Dennis Dann

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Dress Shoes

Slip-On's Oxford's

Tassel Moccasin Slip-On


Monk Strap Oxford


Full Strap Tassel Slip-On


Norwegian Front Blucher  Oxford


Full Strap Slip-On


Medallion Tip Bal Oxford

All-Weather Famous Walkers 


Straight Tip Bal Oxford


Genuine Shell Cordovan Oxford

Casual Shoes

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Alden Casual Shoe Collection

Cordovan Collection

Very Limited !

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Shell Cordovan Collection

Extremely limited !

Special Orders



To Care for your Alden Shoes...

Men's Washburn Shoe Tree

Personalized Cedar Shoe Trees

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Complete Pantherella Socks Collection

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Byford Hosiery

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L.B. Evans Slipper Collection


Shoe Horn Collection

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Dann Shoe Shop

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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing

Custom Silk Robes

All Leather Travel Bags

London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons

Dann Private Stock Leather Jackets


Dann Private Stock Leather Blazers


Blazer Headquarters

SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set

Personalized !

Men's Memo Note Set

Memo Gift Set

1000 Sheets !


Elephant Polo Barware






Austen Heller Loafers

Fitting Information

International Size Conversion Chart

American UK European Japanese
6 5.5 39 24
6.5 6 39.5 24.5
7 6.5 40 25
7.5 7 41 25.5
8 7.5 41.5 26
8.5 8 42 26.5
9 8.5 43 27
9.5 9 43.5 27.5
10 9.5 44 28
10.5 10 44.5 28.5
11 10.5 45 29
11.5 11 45.5 29.5
12 11.5 46 30
12.5 12 47  
13 12.5 48  


Very Narrow Narrow Medium Wide Extra Wide

The most common width is medium - D or E

If you currently own Aldens, please provide the size/width markings found on the linings of the shoes.

All Alden shoes are made on combination lasts to provide for a better heel fit. Alden shoes have a double letter width marking found next to the size marking. The first letter represents the heel fit and the second letter represents the width of the shoe.


10 B/D = size 10 'D' width

10 C/E = size 10 'E' width

Alden Shoe Specifications

Alden Shoes: Photo of shoe detail, showing Alden shoe craftsmanship
Alden Shoes: Photo of shoe detail, showing Alden shoe craftsmanship and fine quality of Alden shoes.
  1. Classic patterns, crafted with extraordinary attention to detail. Made on Alden's exclusive lasts, designed for comfort and refined appearance.

  2. Upper leather selected from the top grades of the finest tanneries in the world. Rich, aniline calfskins, luxurious calf and kid suedes, and genuine shell cordovans. Hand stained and polished to the classic patina that is the hallmark of the custom bootmaker's art.

  3. Heavy, natural leather insole of pure vegetable tannage. Unsurpassed for breathable comfort and long wear, it assumes over time the contours of your foot shape giving a truly custom quality to the fit. Beneath the insole is a layer of natural cork, providing additional resilience and insulation.

  4. Oak tanned leather bends are cut into outsoles at the Alden factory for maximum control of quality. Specially treated for durable wear, then patiently burnished with carnauba waxes to a fine luster.

  5. Every Alden New England shoe has a full leather lining chosen from a special stock of supple glove linings and smooth, glazed kip linings.

  6. Genuine Goodyear welt construction. Top quality leather welting is securely stitched through the upper to the insole rib. On models requiring the clean appearance of a close heel trim the welt runs from the heel forward. For other styles, such as brogues, where the solid look of an extended heel trim is appropriate the welt is stitched all around the shoe.

  7. Every Alden New England shoe carries a tempered steel shank, precisely contoured and triple ribbed for extra strength. Truly the backbone of a fine welt shoe, the shank provides the proper support and shape so necessary when your day involves much walking and time on your feet.

  8. Long wearing rubber dovetail heels with leather inserts. Solid brass slugging gives secure attachment yet allows for easy rebuilding.

  9. Made in USA.

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