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Dress Shirt Collar Stays

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A well-dressed gentleman certainly needs these for his fine Dress Shirts !

Makes a wonderful gift...and we can ship these wherever you need them to go with a note from you.


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Dann Custom Shirts


Yale University Enamel Cufflinks
Cuff Links Shop




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Gitman Customized Shirts

Affordable way to obtain just the shirt you need---your choice of fabric, collar style, color, size. Regular, Big/Tall, French Cuff, White Collar---even with your Monogram ! So many choices to get the shirt you are seeking. See my published article




New ! Gitman Vintage Shirts

Tailored Fit----Trimmer Body

Fashion Forward----Trimmer Fit.....



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Tiger Mountain Knit Underwear

Knit Undershirts back in stock after a long absence !
















































































Collar Stays

Dann Private Stock Accessories


Collar Stays in LEATHER Case


18 Stays, 3 sizes

Price:  $85.00


Collar Stays in LEATHER BOX


12 Stays

Standard Size

Price:  $65.00

 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel
12 Stainless Steel Collar Stays in a Stainless Steel Case
Great for Travel !
Price:  $75.00

Personalized Sterling Silver Collar Stays


Dann Necktie Collection

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Danns' French Cuff Shirt Collection



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Dann Custom Shirts



Elegant Mahogany Hangers


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Kent Clothes Brush Collection


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The Well-Dressed Closet

from Dann Clothing


Watch and Jewelry Boxes

Irish Linen Hankerchiefs

Men's Premier Valet

Personalized Cedar Clothing Valet

Aromatic Red Cedar  



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Personal Closet Accessories


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Personalized Shoe Valet

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Valet Accessories !

Care Instructions for your Dann Clothing....

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Cashmere Topcoats from Dann