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Home is where the heart is......

The perfect gift for avid Travelers, college students, new transfers

or people with strong local pride in their hometown or Vacation property.

Makes a great conversation piece !

Shipped in a nice gift box.

Dennis & Joan

CUSTOM Special Order.

We make these items just for you so we are unable to accept returns on them.

Allow several weeks for Delivery ! Nov 25th deadline for Christmas Orders !






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Custom Map Money Clip
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Custom Shirts for the Well-Dressed Man

by Dennis Dann
Dann Men's Clothing

Certainly the gentleman who cares about his appearance and his dress and sport clothing, is interested in how his shirts fit him. Its the very lucky man who is a great easy-to-find size. This results in great selection everywhere for him. Not only can terrific basics be easily found in his can special seasonal offerings and there are usually a few great shirts on the sale rack as well ! He is lucky indeed.
Now enters "the not so lucky in size" man. He is a TALL (or REALLY TALL)....he is a BIG guy (and sometimes tall too !) ............or he is a PORTLY (big thru the mid section)...........or he is a SMALL (sometimes small AND portly). Not so easy to find basics, patterns, etc.

Now enters the man who just loves French Cuff Shirts. What a dashing dresser ! You have to appreciate the man who will go to the extra trouble of collecting interesting cuff links and usually wears a new set daily. French Cuff selection in "off the rack" is simply not what it used to be.

As a general rule......when the economy shakes the way it has the past few years---the manufacturers have simply cut back every way they can. Certain sizes are produced in lessor quantity (if at all) and the more unique---such a dressy French Cuff---are also a fatality.

The option of Custom and Customized Shirts will put the shirt you are seeking into your hands.
There is a difference between them and there are things you need to know before going down this path.

"Custom" is true Custom. Many different measurements will be taken of you and the shirt will be made exactly to those measurements. If you are between sizes.....have different length arms.....have a large neck with a small body....or vice versa.....really a "Portly" with a large tummy......or a very athletic cut. "Off the Rack" rarely fits you the way you may be happy with and or satisfy you.

"Customized" is a newer concept of true Custom. The manufacturer works off their main patterns for off the rack but then cuts the shirt just for you....It is a lesser expensive way to obtain the shirt you need ---French Cuff....Tall....Big.....hard to find sizes in a vast selection of collars, colors, fabrics, patterns. The body pattern is off of Regular, Big (3" fuller thru the body than Regular), or Tall (3" longer thru the body than Regular). Your neck measurements and your arm measurements are taken. The shirts can be monogrammed for an additional fee for an added special touch. White Collar ? White French Cuffs ? Any collar style you want.....all can be obtained.

As with ANY Custom, Customized or Special order..........patience is needed. This is the #1 requirement in today's wildly busy and fast paced world. Plan on at least 4+ weeks for delivery --and longer if it is anywhere near the crazy Holiday season or during the summer vacation schedule. These are shirts that are made up just for you so generally there are cancellation and a no-return policy and they are more expensive, overall, than off the rack shirts.

Once one successful shirt is have hit "easy street" and many many more can be produced just like this one.....just for you. Your days of searching the racks in hopes of the right fit are truly over. It is a great option. You just need some patience for the wait.....know to plan ahead of the upcoming season.....and be a decision maker. Picking from all of the swatches and not looking at a finished garment---just as your clothier does for his store---requires a little fashion vision. Therefore----this is truly not for everyone. If you must see a finished garment before making a decision and must have it on the spot---than "off the rack" is still the option for you.

Most who embrace "Custom" (or its other versions) love the idea that this garment is very their specifications and requests......and that good things take time. For the fashionable guy who loves his shirts.....this opens up a whole new world.

Dennis Dann has been a Retailer for over 40 years. He is the owner of Dann Clothing He can be reached via