Marble Coasters from Dann, Natural Collection, Fine Marble High Quality Coasters


Natural Collection Coasters

Marble Coasters

from Dann 

We think you will be pleased with our Marble Coasters----now back after a long absence. The real deal ! High Quality Marble. Each one unique and different----part of the charm of natural stone.

Cork Backing on the coasters so they will not scratch the very furniture you are trying to protect.

These make GREAT gifts............for anyone...........for any occasion. No sizes to worry about..........practical, useful.......affordable......FUN !

Truly a great gift idea !

We look forward to hearing from you !

Dennis & Joan

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 Each one unique and different----part of the charm of natural stone. Each of your coasters will be unique. Those shown are a representation of final natural product.


Dark Green Marble
Dark Irish Green Marble
Set of Four
Price:  $19.50
Black Marble
 Set of Four
Price:  $19.50
Green & Red Marble
 Set of Four
Price:  $19.50
 Set of Four
Price:  $19.50

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