Lux Cashmere Argyle Sweaters from Dann Clothing Lux Cashmere Argyle Sweaters


Lux Cashmere

Limited Edition Argyle Collection

from Dann Clothing

100% Pure Cashmere

For the Ardent Argyle Fan ! 

Arygle lovers can never get enough of this timeless pattern. Makes a wonderful gift !


100% Pure Cashmere natural goat fibers from the Himalayan Mountains Inner Mongolian Region.

The Cashmere Goat from this region is considered to produce the "World's Best Cashmere".

Contemporary Twist to a Traditional Pattern.......for a Fashion Forward look in the most luxurious yarn.

What a winning combination !


We look forward to sending you some of these ! We Special Order these sweaters just for you---please allow plenty of time and patience for delivery !


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 V Neck Vest
Limited Edition Argyle
Price:    $245.00
Colors: Gray Combo, as shown
Sold out till Fall 2013




V- Neck Long Sleeve
Limited Edition Argyle
Price:   $275.00
Colors: Gray Combo, as shown
Sold out till Fall 2013


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a great item to protect your beautiful sweaters, shirts & knits........

Cedar Shirt & Sweater Box

Shirt Sweater Box

Shirt/Sweater Box
If closet space is a problem, you can still keep shirts and sweaters organized and wrinkle-free. The box is made with aromatic cedar sides and a lacquer-coated hardboard bottom for easy cleaning. The cut-away front allows you to see the contents. Holds 2 shirts or 1-2 sweaters


Shirt/Sweater Box

14-1/2"W x 4"H x 12-1/2"D

Price: $24.50 Each

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For the Ardent Argyle Fan ! 

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