Collegiate Colors Belts from Dann, Fun and Colorful---For the Big Fan ! Greek Fraternity Letters Personalized Engraved Gifts from Dann Mens Clothing, Fraternity Blazer Buttons, Fraternity Tuxedo Stud Sets, Fraternity Cuff links, Fraternity Money Clips

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Be a Campus Leader !


College Colors Belts

from Dann Clothing




Guaranteed to help your team !


College Colors and colorful.....sometimes are just enough pizazz to make things fun.

We look forward to hearing from you !

Dennis & Joan Dann





Surcingle Belts

The Timeless Classic !







Colorful Italian Cotton Belts

Fashion Colors !

(& Team Colors)








Striped D-Ring Belts








Colorful Woven Casual Belt


Big and Tall
We can cut your size for you !



Big and Tall

English Surcingle Belts

We can cut your size for you !



Big and Tall

Woven Casual Belt

We can cut your size for you !



Big & Tall

Striped D-Ring Belts

We can cut your size for you !




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Your University Bookstore

from Dann


Collegiate Cufflinks

Your University Cufflinks

Rep Stripe Flip FlopsPatriotic Stripe Flip Flops

Classic Orange Stripe Flip Flops Classic Green Stripe Flip Flops

College Color Custom Sandals




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Greek Letters Engraved

Personalized Gifts


Blazer Buttons, Tuxedo Stud Sets, Money Clips, Sterling Silver




University  Blazers


     Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long, Portly

sw2  hard grn


Viyella Shop from Dann

Tartan Shirts, Robes, Sweaters





Blazer & Sport Coat



Survivalon Jackets

The perfect jacket for all kinds of weather !

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Drop us a line!

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Boat & Beach Collection Shoes

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The Christmas Shop


Graduation Gifts


Fun & Colorful Pantherella Socks




Leather Trim---Tartan Covered Flasks



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