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Tiger Mountain Boxer Shorts for the well-dressed man !

We think the best people to make Boxers are fine shirt manufacturers. These are made by Overton...long known for their high quality...and the makers of our Custom Shirts. Finer fabrics are just more comfortable to wear !

Have some fun with an assortment......

Your mother would be very proud of you !



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 The Essentials...

100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

Tiger Mountain Knit Briefs and T's


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Tiger Mountain

Boxers, Undershirts & Briefs




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Tiger Mountain XL Boxers

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Handmade Comb Collection

Imported from England



0605 - Assorted Blues

Fine Handkerchief


Viyella Robes

The Complete Collection !



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Gitman Knit Neckwear


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Gingham Check Shirt Collection


Holiday Wool - Red Plaid

Tartan Wool Necktie




Gitman Shirts

Sport Stripe



Patterned Trafalgar Braces




100% Linen Pocket Squares




Byford Cashmere Socks



Casual Belts



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Tiger Mountain

Boxers, Undershirts & Brief


Viyella Sweaters








Dann Swim Trunks

Fun Colors !




 Tiger Mountain

Classic Boxer Shorts !

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Tiger Mountain Boxers Complete Collection


Solids (Pinpoint, Broadcloth, Oxford Cloth), Stripes, Ginghams, Timeless Tartans, Collegiate Colors---even color block for a fun change....great basics in shirting fabrics from the makers of Overton Shirts.......Machine washable.