The Travel BLAZER from Dann Mens Clothing, So Comfortable Performance Fabric Dann "Great Basics" Studio


The Travel Blazer

from Dann Clothing

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ACK Performance Fabric

If you travel for fun ...or for will want to arrive looking nice.

This Blazer will serve you well.

When you find out how comfortable this is....many interior pockets....may be all that you will want to wear.


Nothing finishes off your look like a Blazer. Pop over a Knit Shirt or button down.....

with jeans or dress pants or casual pants.....and you can go anywhere these days. Half lined to reduce weight. This a casual Sportwear construction.



I look forward to sending this great Blazer to you !



PS Don't miss the great 98% Cotton Stretch Twill pants.....2% Stretch. You may as well be REALLY comfortable !!


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Active Inspired Movement !


Amazing Interior with lots of pockets !!


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Navy Blue Travel Blazer

ACK Performance Fabric

2 Horn Buttons
Soft Shoulder Relaxed Construction



Please note ! This is an Unconstructed Blazer........a lightweight Perfornamce Fabric.

Unbelievably LIGHT WEIGHT and Comfortable. Amazing Movement.











Navy Blue Travel Blazer

Price:  $198.50
Stretch Twill Trousers


Tan Khaki

Stretch Twill Trousers
Timeless Colors !
98% Cotton , 2% Stretch
Price:  $98.50
Pant Size: 
Pre-finished bottoms. Straight hem.

FALL Delivery





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Everything on this suit stretches: fabric, lining and waistband.





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