Gianni Manzoni

Comfort Stretch High Twist


from Dann Clothing


Made in Italy !

For the Well-Dressed Man who wants the a year round dress trouser......a little bit of stretch....and a high twist for resilency.

Won't wrinkle as much....bounces back....a nice practical Worsted trouser.

Great for mixing with  Sweaters, Blazers and Sportcoats........

We look forward to sending you some !


 Made in Italy
100% Wool

TRousers are shipped unfinished at 37"




Gianni Manzoni Clothing

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 Comfort Stretch High Twist Trousers

100% Wool

Made in Italy

From the finest mills in Viella Italy

Pant Size:    Sizes 32-46 Reg



Price:  $198.50


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