Gingham Check Boxer Shorts BATTON BOXERS from Dann Clothing, Timeless Classic Gingham, Variety of Colors !






Gingham Boxers


 Batton Boxer Shorts

from Dann Men's Clothing



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100% Cotton

Fun Gingham Colors !

Machine washable.

Full cut, one piece seat, soft elastic waistband.

We look forward to sending some of these timeless classics-



Size Range: Even Sizes 32-46

100% Cotton

Underwear, Socks, Brushes and Combs are Non-returnable--due to their personal nature


Sold in boxes of four pair Assortment------or Eight for a Best Value.

Have a little fun......



A variety will be shipped!

Those shown only a representation.

Price:  $116.00
Gingham Assortment
Box of Four



A variety will be shipped!

Those shown only a representation.

Price:  $224.00

Best Value
Gingham Assortment
Box of Eight


Defective products must be returned within 30 days...before alteration, laundering or wear. While we sell the highest of quality, we cannot guarantee lifespan of any product. Shrinkage due to laundering cannot be guaranteed. Please follow the manufacturers suggested washing/cleaning instructions. How a product is washed or worn or how frequently worn is not something we have control over. We consider ourselves "Purists" therefore almost everything we sell has a high Cotton or Wool (natural fiber) content. Some shrinkage is to be expected.


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