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Jacob Miller Robe Collection

Timeless Tartans Plaid Robes


from Dann Men's Clothing

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The Complete Collection !



Lightweight and comfortable, these Jacob Miller classic robes have been a favorite for generations !


80% Cotton, 20% Wool..............Imported


Due to the High Cotton Content ----makes a wonderful YEAR ROUND robe !

All robes have a piping edge for a finished classic style.

A crackling fire...a glass of good scotch....a great robe...and let the world go by.

Please note...Order your Robe EARLY !! Availability is extremely limited this season.

Robes are 54" Long

All Robes have Piped Trim





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Viyella Robes

The Complete Collection !

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All Robes have Piped Trim

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Tiger Mountain

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Royall Fragrance Deluxe Gift Set

Six Fragrances !




Jacob Miller Collection

Tartan Shirts, Robes



jm madras 2

Authentic Indian Madras

Long & Short Sleeve Shirts





All robes have a piping edge for a finished classic style.

Check Jacob Miller Robe
Price:  $169.50
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Moonshine Cologne




Leather Trim Flasks

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Timeless Tartans in Shirts and Robes

 by: Dennis Dann
Dann Men's Clothing 

A resurgence of Timeless Plaids and Tartans from the past !

Certain things can go on and off the Fashion pages....usually in the bat of an eye. There are then the timeless items which never have to leave your wardrobe. Traditional Scottish Tartans in Shirts and Robes for men are one such item. (Scottish Kilts for the truly adventurous !)

You have likely heard the names.....Blackwatch, Red Stewart, Ancient Dress Stewart, Dress Gordon, Weathered Campbell and many others that are simply referred to as Glen Plaids, District Checks, Tattersalls. I love tartans under Cashmere sweater vests with a very subtle patterned tie.......or a knit necktie. Plaid and Tartan Shirts are great with jeans or cords.....and even mixed with Dress pants and Cashmere sweaters, good looking Navy Blue Blazer....all timeless clothing items

There is a certain friendliness about dressing this way. You will certainly look right at home at a Brunch in a grand Country Inn in New England dressed this way but I think there is a certain warmth that it could bring to an urban life as well. We, as Men's retailers, often hear that someone is replacing a very well-loved and well worn Blackwatch Plaid shirt............after 16 years of solid duty, its time to get a new one. I love to think that someone had the good taste 16 years ago to make this purchase and it looked so good and served them so well for so many years. I also like people who are sentimental about things............it says a great deal about their warmth as a person, I think.

A traditional tartan in a Viyella or Jacob Miller robe is also something that will give years of service. All you need is someone to bring you a Scotch by the fire at night or breakfast in bed and you are really set in life !

Many men, particularly as they age a bit, reach for the familiar and the things they can count on in life. A job they enjoy, a steady income, warm companionship, a nice family and circle of friends. "Old friends" in their closet also become important. Plaid shirts and robes like Viyella (a very long standing company) and those from the new collection of Braeval (with its interesting Bi-swing backs and leather gun patches). Warm and rich colorations and the soft hand of the garment make this a very well received gift.

When you are wondering what to buy a man next, reach for something warm and familiar.

He'll love you for it !

Dennis Dann has been a Men's Retailer for over 35 years. He currently ships
Men's Clothing and Accessories worldwide, including an extensive selection of Alligator and Crocodile Shoes, Belts and Wallets,  thru his website at
www.Dann-Online.com with Dann Mens Clothing, Complete Jacob Miller Shop, The Croc Shop from Dann, Dann Formal Shop, Cuff Link Ink, The Khakis Shop by Dann, Dann Happy Hour,  Dann Cashmere Shop, Elegant Country Baskets from Dann, Dann Studio Gifts, Dann Big & Tall, Personalized Papers from Dann, Great Explorations ! Luggage, Great Explorations ! Travel and
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