Cotton Brothers Boxers from Dann Clothing, High Quality Mens 100% Cotton Boxer Shorts, Solids and Patterns, Fun Assortments

Cotton Brothers Boxer Shorts

from Dann Clothing


Complete Collection !


      Boxers and Undershirts for the Well Dressed Man !

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We are pleased to offer this excellent selection of high-quality Boxer Shorts.


Better built boxers.......COVERED WAISTBANDS.

100% Cotton


Shipped as TWO PACK shown below. One each of the patterns shown. Designed to give you a little variety in life.


Patterns change frequently.........Give our Variety Best Value Pack a try for 8 pair.


I think these are terrific ----there are many happy customers.......

A "sister company" to long standing Tiger Mountain Boxers.




Size Range: Even Sizes 32-42

100% Cotton

Underwear, Socks, Brushes and Combs are Non-returnable--due to their personal nature




Viyella Robes





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Made in the USA


Leather Change Tray





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Tiger Mountain

Boxers & Undershirts

Classic Boxers



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Byford Socks




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The Essentials for Gentlemen from Dann

Socks & Boxers




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Pantherella Hosiery







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Tiger Mountain

Classic Boxer Shorts !







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Tiger Mountain

Big & Tall

 Classic Boxer Shorts !















Byford Socks------Solid & Fancies Assortments

Fun "BY COLOR" Assortments !







Cotton Brothers Hats & Visors

with fabulous embroidery !




Cotton Bros Shirts


Blue & White Classic Two Pack

Cotton Bros Boxers

Set of two Boxers
NO 4

White Two Pack

Cotton Bros Boxers

Set of two Boxers
NO 5

Pastel Plaid Two Pack---

ASSORTED !! We ship two of the most current....chosen by us.

Cotton Bros Boxers

Set of two Boxers

ASSORTED two pack. Pastels are constantly changing........we will ship two pair of a plaid/tartan/check variety. Samples shown are only a representation


Have a little fun......

Best Value !


We choose...for the truly adventurous ! Each one usually different---but not guaranteed---from latest additions from special Seasonal items. (We have gotten rave reviews for our fun assortments.)

Cotton Bros Boxers

Best Value !



Cotton Traders Knit Shirts



A collared Polo shirt will carry you about anywhere these days.

Top off with a Blazer or Sportcoat and you can enter any restaurant today.

Overton makes a terrific quality pique knit shirt....little bit of stretch !!......extensive color selection.........and a great value.

CLASSIC TRADITIONAL FIT----but with a little bit of stretch.

We look forward to sending you a few of these. This is the one to stock up on with our Value Pack of six.



97% Cotton 3 % Spandex




stretchpique2 stretchpique3


Cotton Traders


SHORT Sleeve Polo Knit Shirt

Two Ply Pique


Stretch Pique

Embroidered Cotton Trader Logo

97% Cotton 3 % Spandex

Price:  $69.50

Traditional Classic Fit

Tiger Mountain Undershirts
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Tiger Mountain

Knit Undershirt

Price:  $69.50

V- Neck T

Box of SIX 


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Tiger Mountain

Knit Undershirt

Price:  $69.50

CREW- Neck T

Box of SIX 



Custom Silk Robes

Vintage Cuban Cigar Band Barware

Loop Optic Handblown Barware !


Men's Washburn Shoe Tree        Men's Elite Shoe Tree

Personalized Shoe Trees


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Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


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Byford Hosiery



tiger mountain boxers
Fun Tiger Mountain Boxer Assortments  for the Adventurous!
......a fun way to get some variety into your life !



Leather Shoe Bag

Personalized !



Engraved Sterling Silver Collection from Dann



Shoe Horn Collection

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !


Chamois Cloth Trousers

from Bills Khakis

The new refined Khaki !



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Dann Shoe Shop


Embroidered Walk shorts



Mouthwash Bottle with Dispenser Pump



Moonshine Cologne


Irish Linen Hankerchiefs






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Men's Colognes, After Shaves and Fragrances

Royall, St John, West Indies Bay Rum




Dann Private Stock

Wool Tropical Dress Trousers


100% Worsted Wool Tropical from our Dann Private Stock.




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