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Byford  Socks

(& Incredible Sweaters !)

Complete Collection !


from Dann Clothing


The Best of British Style !



Newest Motif, Pattern, Cashmere Socks !

Spring 2017




Regular, Big/Tall, Small


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We are awfully proud--after 44 years of selling them---of Byford's enduring sock quality....better wear...better foot fit...

"Stand up" on any leg....even after washing and washing....and great toe comfort.

We ship in boxes of Six...and we look forward to sending you your favorite Byford version.

Personally I should be attending "Socks Anonymous" to curb my "problem".

Now if we could just do something about the dryer "eating" your socks...

Fun...Fashion...Great Basics !

Fun patterned assortments ! Don't miss the Christmas Patterned Socks.

We look forward to sending you your socks !

We can direct ship these wherever you need them to go ! Because of the personal nature of Socks and Underwear are not returnable.


Made in Peru


PS Don't forget Wedding Party ! What socks are the Wedding Party wearing ? (They need to wear the same !)


Byford Hosiery

The Best of British Style !   Made in Peru 



Byford Socks

Big & Tall Socks

from Dann Clothing


Big/Tall Byflex

Byford Socks

Small Mens Socks

Size ONE

from Dann Clothing


Small Byflex




Byford Byflex Socks


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Byford Superwash Socks
Extra Fine Merino Wool

Byford Acrilan
Best Value Socks


Island Cotton Socks




Byford Cashmere  Socks
Fun ! With Contrast Tipping !



The timeless classic mid-calf sock...



Byford Patterned Fancy Socks



Byford Cashmere Socks


Byford Argyle Socks






Byford Patterned Sock Assortment

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Byford Donegal Socks



Byford Argyle Socks

Byford Cashmere Sweaters
100% PURE Cashmere


Byford Sweater Collection

Cotton/Cashmere Blend

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Byford Christmas Motif Sock Assortment

 Reserve NOW for Holiday. EARLY Sellouts !




Byford Motif Socks
Always Limited !
  Classic Fourth of July Wedding / Men's wedding attire/ Patriotic wedding in Columbus, OH photo by Robb McCormick:  
Byford Cashmere  Socks
Fun ! With Contrast Tipping !


Byford Peruvian Knit Shirts



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Weddings by Dann

Groomsmen need matching socks !


Byford Custom Color Team Socks

We now offer team colors for your local sports club, high school, Fraternity, college or pro team with custom colored team fan socks. Simply choose your style and two colors from above--+ now Argyle. Each order will be custom made with same quality standards you are accustomed to under the Byford name. Made in Peru. Minimum order of 72 pairs per style/colorway.

A Special Order---All made up just for you. Please allow 3+ months for delivery. All Special Order aspects apply to your purchase of 72 pair.

Please email us


Byford Sport Socks



Byford Sweater Collection

Cotton/Cashmere Blend

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Gordon of New Orleans from Dann Clothing

Denim Shirts



Austin Heller Loafers



L.B. Evans Marshall

L B Evans

Contemporary Collection

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Dann Valets


Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection

Torino Exotic Leather Wallets


Dann Watch Shop


Engraved Belt Buckles


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Elegant Correspondence Cards


Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Our largest sets !

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address



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St John's Bay Rum

from Dann Clothing


Knit Shirts


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The Essentials for Gentlemen from Dann

Socks & Boxers



Collegiate Colors

University Stripes

 Neckties and Bow Ties


Leather Change Tray




Personalized Glass Cutting Boards



<b>CLAYTON</b> - F9231 - Briefcase


Made in the USA


Golf Belts

Argyle (Navy & Green) Leather Tab Belt



Commemorative Baseballs
Limited Edition
Shipped in a Lucite Box---perfect for a desk !


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Alligator Golf Bags




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Dann Men's Clothing



Defective products must be returned within 30 days...before alteration, laundering or wear. While we sell the highest of quality, we cannot guarantee lifespan of any product. Shrinkage due to laundering cannot be guaranteed. Please follow the manufacturers suggested washing/cleaning instructions. How a product is washed or worn or how frequently worn is not something we have control over. We consider ourselves "Purists" therefore almost everything we sell has a high Cotton or Wool (natural fiber) content. Some shrinkage is to be expected.









Donegal Wool Sock Collection


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