Tiger Mountain Fun Assortment Boxer Shorts Complete Collection from Dann Clothing, Solids, Patterns, Tartans, Stripes
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Tiger Mountain Boxer Shorts for the well-dressed man !

We think the best people to make Boxers are fine shirt manufacturers. These are made by Overton...long known for their high quality...and the makers of our Custom Shirts. Finer fabrics are just more comfortable to wear !

Have some fun with an assortment......

Your mother would be very proud of you !




 The Essentials...

100% Peruvian Pima Cotton

Tiger Mountain Knit Briefs and T's


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Tiger Mountain

Boxers, Undershirts & Briefs




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Tiger Mountain XL Boxers

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Handmade Comb Collection

Imported from England



0605 - Assorted Blues

Fine Handkerchief


Viyella Robes

The Complete Collection !



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Gitman Knit Neckwear


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Gingham Check Shirt Collection




Patterned Trafalgar Braces


Byford Cashmere Socks

Casual Belts


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Tiger Mountain

Boxers, Undershirts & Briefs


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 Tiger Mountain

Classic Boxer Shorts !

Fun Assortments  for the Adventurous!

tiger mountain boxers

Tiger Mountain Boxers Complete Collection

Solids (Pinpoint, Broadcloth, Oxford Cloth), Stripes, Ginghams, Timeless Tartans, Collegiate Colors---great basics in shirting fabrics from the makers of Overton Shirts.......Machine washable.

Each one often different--but assortment is not guaranteed.

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100% Cotton

Machine washable.

Full cut, one piece seat, soft elastic waistband.  Always high quality from Tiger Mountain Boxers.


Don't miss our Box of Twelve Assorted Boxers Best Value.

The perfect collection for the well-dressed man !

Size Range: Even Sizes 32-44

100% Cotton

Underwear, Socks, Brushes and Combs are Non-returnable--due to their personal nature

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Please note ! Your Boxer Shorts are the WORKHORSE of your wardrobe. Many people wear them 24 hours a day ---all thru the day PLUS sleeping in them ! We suggest that you have 18-24 pair in your "rotation" for this item that is worn right up against your body....washed often....worn constantly. You will get the best lasting effect if you are rotating enough different pair. So--please order plenty ! And have some fun while you are at it.

Have a little fun......

Best Value !


We choose...for the truly adventurous ! Each one usually different---but not guaranteed---from latest additions from special Seasonal items. (We have gotten rave reviews for our fun assortments.)


Tiger Mountain Boxers

Price:  $244.99

Best Value !


Box of TWELVE Boxers, ASST



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The Essentials.....

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Tiger Mountain Undershirts

Price:  $69.50

Crew Neck T

Box of SIX


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Tiger Mountain


Price:  $69.50

Vee Neck T

Box of SIX



Monogrammed Toilet Paper

 For the person who has everything !

Don't forget your Yacht.....Sailboat....Vacation Home.....Office....RV...

Please note....As with all Personalized items..... considered a Special Order and non-returnable. Please enter your information carefully.....and always a good idea to note the monogram choices in the comments area.


Have a little fun......


Personalized Bulk Package of 12 Rolls

All rolls the exact same

Perfect for multiple homes....multiple bathrooms...divided between family members


Having a Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Race Weekend part y ? You need something fun for your guests.


 Monogrammed Toilet Paper

One Dozen Rolls !


Luxurious 2 Ply High Quality Paper

Best Value !

12 Rolls

(Must be same initial)

Luxurious 2 Ply High Quality Paper

Price: $89.50 Set

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Defective products must be returned within 30 days...before alteration, laundering or wear. While we sell the highest of quality, we cannot guarantee lifespan of any product. Shrinkage due to laundering cannot be guaranteed. Please follow the manufacturers suggested washing/cleaning instructions. How a product is washed or worn or how frequently worn is not something we have control over. We consider ourselves "Purists" therefore almost everything we sell has a high Cotton or Wool (natural fiber) content. Some shrinkage is to be expected.


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Tiger Mountain

Complete Collection !

Boxers, Undershirts & Briefs


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LB Evans Slippers

Irish Linen Handerchiefs

Viyella Robes

Custom Silk Robes

Tiger Mountain

Collegiate Colors

 Boxer Shorts



Mouthwash Bottle with Dispenser Pump

Toiletry & Shave Kit Bags Collection

Personalized !

Monogrammed Soap

Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !



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Boxer Assortments by Color !

Tiger Mountain Boxer Shorts

For the guy that just loves Crimson/Red, Blue Green.....!

We ship an assortment of this color only !



Fun Boxer Shorts

from Dann Clothing

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Tiger Mountain

Boxers, Undershirts & Briefs



Santa Ana 5 Sock Pack

Fun Men's Sock Assortments





 Wood Underwear

Knit Briefs in many colors !