Will Leather Goods Large Vintage Postal Bag from Dann Clothing, Intl Shipments

Will Leather Goods

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Large Vintage Postal Bag 

from Dann Clothing

Repurposed Vintage Postal Bag

Over the past thirty-some-odd years, Will has been around the globe collecting

(somewhat obsessively, one might say) leather goods of every variety. From boxing gloves

to bomber jackets, field boots to postal bags – if it’s been made in leather, Will most

likely has a piece in the Found Archive. Each item has been collected not only for its inherent

beauty and functional design elements, but more importantly,

to preserve the past…

The U.S. Postal bags range from 1950-1970 - each piece being field tested by postmen of

their respective eras. Naturally, we relish these bags for their timeworn good looks; but

are more impressed by their reinforcement: the placement of rivets; pattern of stitching;

quality of thread; seam allowance – all of the details that allowed these actual bags to

withstand the test of time; carrying upwards of 80lbs of mail every day, year after year…


Fabulous WILL bags..... Each bag is unique !



All Will Leather Goods bags are carefully inspected -----

Any differences are considered "part of the charm" of your very unique bag.

For the guy that really likes the "broken in" look !



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Will Leather Goods



Handmade in the USA






 Repurposed Vintage Postal Bag


"One of a kind" !

Photos shown represent the differences from one bag to the next !




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