Personalized Papers from Dann
Executive Series
The Personal Touch......something directly from you.....not an Associate.....not an email......showing your appreciation for a meeting, luncheon, cocktails, referral.....or the perfect closure to a business transaction or venture....."hope to work with you again".

Professional personalized memos and notes for a finished touch.


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.....or maybe for business aspects of your life that are too fun to be thought of as strictly business !

  Legal Memos
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Hunter Bordered Cards


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Black Border Cards


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Navy Hand Bordered Cards


Slate Hand Bordered Cards

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Executive Stationery

Diplomat Cards




All-In-One Cards

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Distinctive Border Cards


Embossed Border Cards


Chocolate Border Cards


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Memos Sheets and Acrylic Holder

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Lined Memos on Acrylic Clipboard

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600 Sheet Memo Set

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Embossed Cards




Executive Desk Pad


Mod Notes  Sheets Set


Park Avenue Sheets Set


Monogram Memos Set


Personalized Book Labels

SALE: Memo & Wood Holder Set

Memo Gift Set


Initial Foldnotes

Personalized Address Stamp


Personalized Crystal Desk Accessories


Grand Memo Wardrobe

Our largest set ! 1200 Sheets +  Holder


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Personalized Address Labels


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Shipping Labels


Personal Shipping Labels


Memos Sheets and Acrylic Holder


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Personalized Napkins with your business name !

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Personalized Tumblers with your business name !


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Personalized Papers

& Executive Gifts !


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The Norwalk Collection from Trafalgar


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Presidential Jelly Bean Jar !

Perfect for tidbits ---M&M's, Jelly Beans, pretzels---to have on your desk. It worked for Ronald can work for you too !

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Personalized Papers

& Executive Gifts !