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From England !



Such wonderful brushes ! Almost makes Shaving fun. All of the Kent Shaving Brushes we feature are shipped in the beautiful Presentation Box...makes an incredible gift.....and we can ship these wherever you need them to go. We look forward to sending you some of our fine Shaving Accoutrements !


Allow 2 weeks for Delivery for Kent !


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ALL Shave Brushes shown are shipped in the presentation box !


White Barrel, Silver Tip Badger

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Must have Shaving Brush Holder sold separately below.

Kent Shave Brush

No 2

White Barrel Series

Large Size

Pure Silver Tip Badger

Price:  $325.00

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Travel Size !

Kent Shave Brush

No 3

White Barrel Series

Travel/Small Size

Pure Silver Tip Badger

Price:  $185.00

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Must have Shaving Brush Holder sold separately below.

Kent Shave Brush

No 4

White Barrel Series

Medium Size

Pure Silver Tip Badger

Price:  170.00

Cleaning Brush !  

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Removes dead hairs

Thoroughly cleans brush base

Extends life of brush

Suitable for all types of brush

Kent Cleaning Brush
Price:  $24.50

Kent Shaving Requisites !

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Price:  $53.50

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Box of Two Bars

Price:  $47.50

Two Sizes !

White Shaving Brush Holder

Small Neck !

Price:  $16.50

White Shaving Brush Holder

Large Neck !

Price:  $19.50

Shaving Kits !


Fragrances....All-purpose Lotions and After Shaves...

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Royall Fragrance

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St. John

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Personalized with your Monogram or Name--or Estate name !


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