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.........we are happy to offer this fine clothing collection !

High Quality....exceptional fabrications...timeless style.

Now also offering.....New Modern Fit ! Trim Tailored



"Established in Philadelphia in 1885, H. Freeman & Son, Inc. is one of the oldest tailored clothing companies in the United States. Renowned for dedication to producing top quality products, fashioned in elegant styles, and providing excellent personalized services State of the art computerized cutting systems, and brand new machines, blend with our meticulous hand sewing and pressing operations.

The result---a better suit at a better value."



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https://www.hfreemanco.com/localpics/home/04.jpgH. Freeman Suit Separates https://www.hfreemanco.com/localpics/home/07.jpg

https://www.hfreemanco.com/localpics/home/06.jpg Sportcoats



H. Freeman Blazers & Sportcoats

H. Freeman Year-Round Suits

CORBIN  Featherweight Doeskin Trousers----& Gabardine Trousers-----Special Order

H. Freeman Tuxedos


John Cooper----Savile Row






The Perfect Compliment to H Freeman...


Murray Hill Bag Collection


Trafalgar Belts and Braces

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Dann Studio Italian Footwear


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The Croc Shop from Dann Clothing


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Dann's French Cuff Shirt Collection


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To properly care for your Dann Clothing...



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Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL1600116004 (2).jpg (500033 bytes)

Dann Valets


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Dann Shearling & Leather Outerwear Shop


Robert Talbott Collection


Dann Spring & Summer Sweater & Knits Shop



Correspondence Wardrobes from Dann

Elegant Sets of 150 pieces of Engraved Stationery with your name, monogram, return address





Leather Travel Jewelry Box




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The Essentials for Gentlemen from Dann

Socks & Boxers



Personalized & Engraved Cufflinks

Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Gold




Dress Shirts




London Badge and Button

Crested Blazer Buttons




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