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FA MacCluer

Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts


Big & Tall


Big & Tall Pinpoint Oxford Dress
Shirt Collection

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4 oz Pinpoint Is 80's 2 Ply By 80's 2ply, Woven In A High Density Construction. This Results In A Crisp And Lustrous Appearance with a Soft Substantial Feel.

Our Point Collar Is The Best All Around Non Buttondown Style. It Is 3" In Length, With Removable Collar Stays. The Back Of The Shirt Has Two Pleats For Comfort, One On Each Side.

Big & Tall

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White Medium Spread

Price:  $99.50


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Blue Medium Spread

Price:  $99.50


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White Button Down--TALL

Price:  $99.50



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Blue Button Down--TALL

Price:  $99.50




Complete F A MacCluer Shirt Collection

Dress Shirt Collar Stays

F.A. MacCluer Dress Shirts

F.A. MacCluer Sport & Knit Shirts


The Timeless Classic !

English Surcingle Belts

Big and Tall

English Surcingle Big and Tall Belts

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Byford Socks

Big & Tall

from Dann Clothing

Big & Tall Men's Footwear

Hard to find Shoes


F.A. MacCluer

Sport & Knit Shirt Collection

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Small-3X !

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Torino American Alligator Collection....Big and Tall !


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