Torino English Wool Surcingle Belts from Dann Clothing, Complete Collection of 13 Colors, A Timeless Bestseller Torino English Wool Surcingle Belts from Dann Clothing, Complete Collection of 13 Colors, A Timeless Bestseller

English Cotton Surcingle Belts

from Dann Clothing

Just like you have always remembered !

32 MM

Great Color Selection ! A wardrobe mainstay.

13 Colors.......Solids and need them all !

Timeless !

Made in the USA--in the English Tradition

Now made in Cotton

We look forward to hearing from you !


YOUR Collegiate Colors !

We recommend that you order a belt that is the next size up from your pant size. For the proper fit and look.......wear the belt thong on the middle hole.

Need a larger size ?


48-60 is available in a Special Make-up...Big & Tall


Great Colors with a Great Leather Tab, Brass Buckle


Shipped with the new Tab design !

Price:  $52.50



sizes 32-46

Cedar Belt Rack
Use this rack on the wall or on a door to organize 22 ties and 4 belts.

You need a new rack JUST to keep your Surcingle Belts !

 Rack boasts an added convenience: a molded cedar upper shelf to hold keys, watches, wallets, change, cufflinks and other easily misplaced necessities. Featuring brass-plated pegs and hooks, it easily mounts on walls and doors with brass screws

Accessory Mate
Price:  $29.95

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