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Torino Belts

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and all made in the USA

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Important Note about how to size a belt......We recommend that you order a belt that is the next size up from your pant size.

For the proper fit and look.......wear the belt thong on the middle hole. If that is not where you are currently wearing your belts

...its time for a new belt !


Torino Exotic Leather Belt Collection


Torino Dress Belts

(Don't miss the two buckle sets !)

Torino Exotic Leather Wallets


Cash Cover Wallets




Surcingle Belts

The Timeless Classic !


Colorful Italian Cotton Belts

Fashion Colors !

(& Team Colors)



 Cork Woven Belts


Torino Reversible Dress Belts




Braided Harness Leather Belts



Colorful Woven Casual Belt




Suede Belts

Collegiate Colors Belts
coming soon

Vintage-style Camp Bracelets


Big and Tall

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Torino Big & Tall Belts

Dress Belts, Alligator Belts and Alligator Accessories


Big and Tall

English Surcingle Belts



Big and Tall

Woven Casual Belt

Torino Luggage & Bag Collection



Torino Dog Collars

Exotic Leathers

Custom---Made to Order !


Leather Bracelets


Custom Straps Service

6-8 Week Delivery
Made up just for you to fit YOUR Belt Buckle ! Please email us for complete details.
Prices cannot be quoted until designer sees your buckle in person and then calculates
....generally at least twice what regular prices are.
No orders taken between early October and the end of the year.

Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection


L.B. Evans Marshall

L B Evans

Contemporary Collection

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001VL16072a.jpg (34826 bytes)

Dann Valets


Jack of Spades Blue Jeans


F.A. MacCluer Dress Shirts

F.A. MacCluer Sport & Knit Shirts



Robert Talbott

18 Karot Solid Gold Belt Buckle


Gianni Manzoni Clothing

Suits, Blazers, Trousers, Tuxedos



Corbin Stock Clothing - Sport Coats

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Corbin 5 Pocket Jeans




Berle Microfiber Trousers

& Walkshorts

Microfiber Headquarters !

from Dann Clothing

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Mick Mraunac: M Project

M-Project Jeans


Made in the USA !


Toywatch Watch Collection
Fun and Colorful !



Introducing WRINKLE FREE
100% Cotton-------No Iron-----
Button Down or Spread Collar
Regular or Tall


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 Pebble Glove Belts