Will Leather Goods Dhurrie Mason Bag --Free Monogramming--from Dann Clothing, Intl Shipments, Handmade from Dhurrie Rugs

Will Clothing

Dhurrie Mason Bags

from Dann Clothing



Hand Numbered, Limited Edition


Recently discovered in the hills of New Mexico, William Adler transported these

75-year-old rugs back to his leather workshop in California where he developed a line of

Dhurrie messengers, totes and mason bags. The heartiness of the Dhurrie rug has stood

the test of time. Hand loomed with thick vegetable dyed cotton yarn, Will Leather Goods

has repurposed these rugs into a once in a lifetime discovery.


All Will Leather Goods bags are carefully inspected -----and the pieces of fabric or leather skins are carefully selected.

Any differences are considered "part of the charm" of your very unique bag.




We love the casual look of the bags..........but think you can mix them with dressier rich tweed jackets and woolens....rich neckties....and Cashmere sweaters and topcoats just as you would carry them with a leather jacket and blue jeans.

We look forward to sending you some of these great bags !

Start your Collection today ! 

Dennis & Joan

Fabulous WILL bags.....made individually using Wool Rugs. Each bag is unique ! Sold only assorted so unable to pick the exact bag.


We are unable to send additional photos ahead of time. Each bag is inherently unique.


PS We will monogram your bag for you free of charge.

Your three initials...........in Block Letters..........just as the name reads.....PHS for Patrick H Smith. Please note...once monogrammed your bag then becomes non-returnable as it has been customized just for you.



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Will Clothing

Dhurrie Mason Bags

Assorted Colors** See note above !


Hand Loomed Cotton Dhurrie Rugs

Bridle Leather Trim

15 1/4 x 16 1/4 x 3 3/5


Monogram !

ALL Embossing IS FREE




Price:  $650.00


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