Fine Wisconsin Cheese, Gift Sets, Swiss, Cheddar, Port Wine, from Dann, Gift Boxes, Stoneware Crocks

Wisconsin Cheese !

& Cheese Cutting Boards & Tools

from Dann



100% "real" Wisconsin Cheese made only from the finest ingredients. 


Our Cheese Spread is made from large blocks or barrels of aged Wisconsin cheese.  The cheese is shredded and blended with our own very special ingredients, then packed into various containers for your eating enjoyment. This is a real product---not to be confused with processed cheese food products. Shipped in nice strong boxes to protect and insulate. Everyone always loves getting those classic crocks....makes a great gift !


There is simply nothing like REAL Wisconsin cheese ! And we have very elegant hardwood cutting boards and stainless steel tools to serve it !



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We watch the weather closely........and do not ship when the temp is above 80 degrees F.


Please plan ahead now for Holiday giving ! Its hard to believe but it will be here before you know it. You will need cheese to serve to YOUR guests as well don't forget about ordering some for your own home. We ship Gift Pack items that are a substantial size....this makes a huge difference ! We look forward to sending some to you !

Dennis & Joan


Unfortunately we are sold out of our Cheese !


Exquite Cheese Cutting Boards and Tools !

Premium bamboo cutting board has an aluminum and wood cutting surface, cheese wire, and top-quality brushed stainless steel tools. Compact design for easy storage and travel make this a great gift item. Perfect for any cheese connoisseur.

1 Cheese shaver
1 Fork-tipped cheese knife
1 Cheese spreader
1 Cheese wire tool

Deluxe Travel Cutting Board &  Tools
5.5" x 11" x 1.5"


The MUST have for an Elegant Picnic ! Folding !

High Strength Aluminum Alloy Frame......weight limit 800 pounds...canvas protective carrying case

Open 25"h  x  33.25"w x 53.75"d

Closed 14"h x 33.25"w x 4.5"d

Elegant Folding Wooden Picnic Table
Seats Four !
Green Carrying Case
Price:  $155.00


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