Men's Trousers

There is nothing quite like finding those pants that fit you just right.  Whatever "pant personality" you are -- casual, dressy, classic, updated traditional or contemporary -- We think we have something for you!   We are proud of the quality we offer... the consistency of fit... we believe you will too.

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The perfect compliment.......

Trafalgar Belts and Braces

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Limited Edition Braces

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Engraved Belts and Buckles

from Trafalgar


Pantherella logo with panther

Complete Pantherella Socks Collection

Proman Products Windsor Executive Wardrobe Valet #PPVL16001

Dann Valets

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Kent Clothes Brush Collection


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Cordovan Belts from Alden

Trouser Racks from Dann


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Crittenden's Closet

Crittenden & Co.

Trafalgar Patterned Braces


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