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Dann Studio Year-Round Clothing


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The Travel Suit

from Dann Clothing




Dann Clothing features...

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Southwick Clothing


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Dann Summer Suit Collection

Regular, Short, Long, Extra Long



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"The suit is the single most important garment that every man wears. It is the garment on which most people judge the wearer's status, character and abilities. It is the central power garment-the garment that establishe's our position as inferior, equal or superior in any in-person business situation."

John T. Molloy
Author, "Dress For Success



Dann Studio

 Business Briefs & Bag Collection



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Kent Clothes Brush Collection

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Robert Talbott Neckwear


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Dann's French Cuff Shirt Collection

Proman Products Manchester Chair Valet #PPVL16123

Dann Valets Collection