Fine Patterned Cashmere Scarves

from Dann Clothing



........generous 12" x 70". We love the soft hand....the long-standing history of fine quality.

Makes a great gift.....and be sure to treat yourself too.




























100% Pure Cashmere

 100% Cashmere  Scarf

12" x 70"

145 Grams

Two Tone Check Scarf
Price:  $125.00

100% Cashmere
Double Faced Woven Scarf
12" x 70"
175 Grams
Price:  $140.00


and more.....Great Solids..........

Pure Cashmere Scarves


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The Well Dressed Closet from Dann




Cardinal of Canada Cashmere & Wool Topcoats

Cardinal of Canada Big & Tall Dress Overcoats


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Dann Private Stock Overcoats

100% Pure Cashmere

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Vintage Outerwear Jackets

Made in USA


 Private Stock Shearling----For Women

 Private Stock Shearling--Large Sizes--For Women

Custom ! Made in USA just for you !

Viyella Scarves

Fine Cashmere Blend Scarves



Cotton Brothers Boxer Shorts

New ! 100% Wicking Cotton Chilled Cloth


Hilts-Willard Fine Gloves


Cedar Shirt & Sweater Box

Shirt Sweater Box

Shirt/Sweater Box
If closet space is a problem, you can still keep shirts and sweaters organized and wrinkle-free. The box is made with aromatic cedar sides and a lacquer-coated hardboard bottom for easy cleaning. The cut-away front allows you to see the contents. Holds 2 shirts or 1-2 sweaters


Shirt/Sweater Box

14-1/2"W x 4"H x 12-1/2"D

Price: $24.50 Each