"Great Basics" Dress Shirts

from Dann Clothing

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For the guy with great taste, but who is spending his money on lots of other things. (We can relate!) 

We are very happy with the quality, and the construction of our "Great Basics" Collection. 

The fit and the style -- it's all here!  We are happy (and we're picky) and we think you will be too!


Offering REGULAR Sizing... and  a Terrific Selecton of  Big & Tall.......&.......new All Cotton Wrinkle Free !

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For the BEST value...........stock up and buy our shirts by the box of 3 !

Button Down

Dress Shirts

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Straight & Spread Collar

Dress Shirts

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Dann Shoe Shop

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Dann Big & Tall

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Dann at

Home Collection


Grand River Jeans


Big and Tall Poston Price Trousers

Poston Price's "Authentic Khaki"---Big & Tall

Poston Price's "Chino Extraordinaire"---Big & Tall

Ultimate Cotton Gabardine---Big & Tall




Wrinkle Free Long Sleeve Sport Shirts

from Dann


Italian Penny Loafers
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