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Its a jungle out need one of our Money Belts when you travel !

A quality, tasteful belt with hidden zipper to hide folded bills and travelers checks !

We recommend that you order a belt that is the next size up from your pant size. For the proper fit and look.......wear the belt thong on the middle hole.


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Another little tip........Put a rubber band around your wallet when traveling......slows Pick-Pockets down !


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Money Dress Belts


Antique Nickle Silver Buckle

1-1/4" Harness Leather

Black or Brown

Antique Nickle Silver Buckle

Money Belt with hidden zipper

Sept 2010 DELIVERY

Price:  $46.50


and featuring........

Accessory Mate

Cedar Belt Rack
Use this rack on the wall or on a door to organize 22 ties and 4 belts.

 Rack boasts an added convenience: a molded cedar upper shelf to hold keys, watches, wallets, change, cufflinks and other easily misplaced necessities. Featuring brass-plated pegs and hooks, it easily mounts on walls and doors with brass screws

Complete Collection of Cedar Belt & Brace Racks

Price:  $29.95

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